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Nanoblock Kits offer Creativity and Family Fun! (Product Review and Giveaway)

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, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them. 

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I bet you all know about a certain building block company, cause you've stepped on a thousand pieces in your bare feet in the middle of the night, right?

Well these building blocks are NOT them!

From OhioArt, a company you know for fun crafting fun, come Nanoblocks, the worlds SMALLEST building blocks!

We were recently sent 2 of the kids to check out:

The Nanoblock Mini+ Ladybug is part of the Mini+ Collection, and has over a 100 pieces and is suitable for kids 8+. and it is mini! The finished size of 2.25” w x 3.125” d x 1.25” h, this Ladybug is able to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. I LOVE that the set comes with COLOR instructions, so that kids can easily figure out how to build their creation. The mini collection is PERFECT for adding to stockings, or for a small 'way to go' gift, or for keeping the kids occupied in the car, this holiday season! 

The Sites to See Collection takes your child around the world!

We were sent the Parthenon Kit to review. As these kits have over 500 pieces, they come in small boxes, versus bags. But they are still small enough for small gift giving!  While the kits say 8+, I would say these larger kits are more like 9/10+. Other sites include the London Tower Bridge, Arc de Triomphe, St Basil's Cathedral, Sydney Opera House, Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Chrysler Building, a German Castle and even the Taj Mahal, among others. The kits are sure to get your child's imagination going, and they would be a great addition to a home schooling curriculum! And any budding Architecture student will go gaga over them!

We highly recommend these Nanoblock kits as a fun and creative way to stretch your child's imagination, and to create some fun family time memories! You can check the Nanoblock store locator to find the kits in your area! But in the meantime, one of you is going to get to check them out for free!


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Dimetapp Cold & Cough is YOUR Child's Cold Reliever!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Dimetapp, via Smiley360, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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The winter weather is upon us, for good or bad.

Did you know that most children will have between 6-8 colds a year? 

Yikes, we're already halfway there for this school year alone, what about you?

Dimetapp Cold & Cough

But you can rest easy knowing that Children’s Dimetapp Cough & Cold is sitting in your medicine cabinet. Dimetapp Cold & Cough is tough enough to tackle your child’s most bothersome cold symptoms, including cough, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing and itchy, watery eyes. You know the ones that really aggravate them, and then you?

Best of all, Dimetapp products come in a great grape taste kids love, and have been trusted by moms like you for nearly 30 years. When the severe cold weather hit, our school got hit with all sorts of viruses and bugs, and Miss Grace started hacking and coughing from sinus drain. As this bottle had just come in, I opened it up and started giving it to her. Within 24 hours she was over whatever had been about to take her down, and she ended up NOT missing any school days! Woo Hoo! 

Dimetapp Cold & Cough is available in 4 and 8 oz. sizes, so you can take a smaller bottle with you while traveling (especially helpful over the holiday season!). It is also available in a Day & Night Value Pack, which includes a special nighttime formula, Dimetapp Nighttime Cold & Congestion, made to relieve your child’s cold symptoms so they can rest better.

Dimetapp Colg & Cough is for kids ages 6 and older, and it does NOT relieve fever. So if that is an issue, you need a different Diemtapp product. So if you're looking to relieve your child from coughing, stuffy or runny nose, sneezing and itchy, watery eyes, do like I did, and grab the Dimetapp Cold & Cough today! Your kids will thank you! 
Dimetapp Cold & Cough coupon

And you can save money too, with this special $1 coupon for Children’s Dimetapp!
Stock up and have a couple bottles handy, you know you're gonna need them over the holiday break!

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Guest post: Why are the Holidays So Hazardous to Our Health? by John Young, MD

Disclosure / Disclaimer:  I received this info, free of charge,from News and Experts for blog posting purposes. No compensation,  monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post/review. Nor was I told what to say, all opinions are my own, and yours may be different.

I don;t know about your area, but Miss Grace's school is fighting colds, flu, stomach viral bug and the Rotovirus 

SIGH- it's just one big cough, gag, run to the bathroom.

And the germs come home, don't they?
And with the holiday stress upon us, it's a recipe for disaster!

So this Guest Post is timely!

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Physician Shares Tips for Giving Your Body What It Needs
 to Fight Illness

It’s a sad statistical fact: The holidays, from Christmas to New Year’s, are a treacherous time when it comes to our health.

“There’s a spike in heart attacks and other cardiac issues,” says Dr. John Young, a physician specializing in the treatment of chronic illnesses through biochemical, physiological and nutraceutical technologies, and the author of “Beyond Treatment: Discover how to build a cellular foundation to achieve optimal health.”

“The incidence of pneumonia cases spikes – in both cold and warm climates. And deaths from natural causes spike. In fact, more people die of natural causes on Christmas Day than any other day of the year!”

While those numbers are well-documented, the cause(s) are not.

“Stress plays a role, particularly if your immune system is weakened,” Dr. Young says. “If you look at how most of us eat from Halloween through New Year’s, it’s easy to see how the immune system takes a beating and otherwise healthy people become more susceptible to illness during the holidays.”
It’s basic biochemistry, he says.

“We eat a lot more refined sugar, for instance, which is a carbohydrate that’s been stripped of all the vitamins, minerals and proteins that make up a complete carbohydrate,” he says. “Our bodies can’t use that, so the cells in our digestive organs work overtime, burning up a lot of energy, vitamins and minerals to digest it, and they get nothing back. So, eventually, they grow weak.”

So – can we have a little sugar, and good health, too? Dr. Young says we can.

“The occasional slice of pumpkin pie is fine as long as you’re also feeding your cells with the nutrients they need – the minerals, vitamins, good quality protein, amino acids, essential fatty acids – to stay healthy.”

He offers these tips for staying healthy through the holidays and throughout the year.

•  Get your vitamin D!
Vitamin D is actually a hormone, not a vitamin, and one of our best sources for it is sunshine. Unfortunately, many people work indoors all day, so they get little sun exposure. When they do go outside, they wear long sleeves and sunblock to protect against skin cancer. And, of course, in the wintertime, people in cold climes tend to stay inside. As a result, many of us are vitamin D deficient, and should be taking supplements. 
“Vitamin D is crucial to many physiological systems, including our immune defenses,” Dr. Young says. “It helps fight bacterial and viral infections, including the flu. It supports our cardiovascular system; optimal vitamin D levels can reduce hypertension, heart attacks and stroke. 
“If I feel I’m coming down with a cold, I’ll take 40,000 units of vitamin D at bedtime,” he says. “The next morning, I usually feel like a new person.” 
•  Eat your protein – 1 gram for every 2.2 pounds of body weight daily.
In this country, we think a healthy diet means eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. We’ve forgotten protein, Dr. Young says.
“Our immune system is made up of proteins – our bones are 40 percent protein,” he says. “We need protein.”

When calculating your protein intake, consider: an egg has about 8 grams, and 8 ounces of fish, chicken, beef or pork have about 30 grams.
Dr. Young does not give any of his patients more than 100 grams of protein a day. 
•  Get a good night’s sleep, exercise, and manage your stress.
Yup, some doctors’ orders never change. Rest, exercise and finding effective, healthy ways to cope with stress are simple ways to pamper your cells.
 “One of the many cellular benefits of exercise is that it increases the oxygen in our bloodstream. Every cell in our body requires oxygen, so consider exercise another means of feeding your cells.” 
It’s also important to manage stress during the holidays. With unchecked stress, our body releases large amounts of cortisol which, among other things, suppresses the immune system.
“Take time out to meditate, listen to music, or take a walk in the woods,” Dr. Young says. “It feels good – and it’s good for you!”

About John Young, M.D.
Dr. John Young, (www.YoungHealth.com), is a medical doctor with more than 15 years’ experience working in emergency rooms and pediatric burn units. He’s the medical director of Young Foundational Health Center, specializing in treating patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes by addressing the physiological issues and not just the symptoms. He's also medical director of Young Health Products, which incorporate the latest biochemical, physiological and Nobel Prize-winning protocols for optimal cellular nutrition. 

Recipe Weekend / Cookbook Review: Food Hero Cookbooks are YOUR Healthy Resource!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these books, free of charge, from Parragon Book Buddies Blogger Program, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them.

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Today I have a set of cookbooks for you that are about HEALTHY eating!

Yes, I know the holidays are here,
but you know come January,you're gonna wanna diet and eat healthier,
so why not get the books now and be ready?

Food Hero Cookbooks covers

First up- Ramen, Soba and Udon

Take a tasty journey into the world of the noodle. Covering the tastiest of this international staple ramen, udon, and soba noodles, plus more theres everything covered from tantalizing soups and salads to mouthwatering mains. Noodle dishes are not only surprisingly versatile but also quick to cook, healthy, and above all, utterly delicious. This book offers a uniquely interesting and fun approach to cooking, with an informative introduction, helpful hints and hero tips.

ramen soba & Udon book sample page

This book explains the differences between the different Asian noodles (see above) and how to use them. The book includes recipes for Chicken recipes, Seafood recipes, Beef and Pork recipes, as well as Veggie recipes. The recipes cover salads and entrees equally. You might be surprised at how simple and easy the recipes are, yet how filling they can be! Suprising recipes include Ramen Burgers, Ramen Meatball Soup, Schaun Noodles, and Turkry CIlanto pesto Noodles. Also included are staples like Chow Mein, Chow Fun, Pork Pad Thai and Hot & Sour Noodles. It is an interesting collection, and young chefs especially will love the recipes!

Here's one of my favorite recipes from the book, that we have been making for almost 30 years!

ramen soba & Udon book chinese chicken salad

Now for the Eat Your Greens Cookbook

This cookbook will offer all you need to create delicious homemade meals with these most versatile of ingredients. From cooking greens, such as kale, collard greens, and Brussels sprouts, through to salad greens, such as lettuce, arugula, and watercress, there are so many types of leafy greens to discover and enjoy. Tasty and nutritious, they make the perfect ingredients for scrumptious salads and soups, mouthwatering entrees, and even green juices.

eat your greens book sample page

 The book includes recipes for appetizers, Dynamic Dinners, Side Dishes, as well as Smoothie and Juice recipes. The recipes cover salads and entrees equally. I liked how they had a chart (above) that listed the different greens and their health benefits, so you can decide which ones you really need in your diet, or ones that might be overrated in the popular culture! Once again the recipes are pretty simple and easy for anyone to make! Recipes include Roasted Chicken with Watercress Butter, Radicchio & Shrimp Risotto, Roasted Broccoli with Parmesan & Pine Nuts, Rainbow Salad with Wasabi Dressing. 

And sometimes the recipes are unexpected, like this WONDERFUL recipe from the book: 

eat your greens book carmelized onion steak sandwiches

So if you're looking for cookbooks for the healthy eater on your Christmas gift list, be sure to check these 2 books out! They can also help YOU made you diet healthier and more nutritious!

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