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Guest Post: Cutting Sugar’s Umbilical Cord by Cherie Calbom

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bowl of sugar
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Once upon a time, sugar was mostly relegated to desserts. But now, excessive amounts can be found in our everyday foods and beverages, and it’s taking a toll, according to recently published studies.

 The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center exposed high-sugar diets as major risks for cancer, especially breast cancer.

 The Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience journal indicates that sugar may cause not only diabetes and obesity, but also brain defects similar to those triggered by stress or abuse. 

• Sugar accounts for much of our country’s weight gain and the rise of fatty liver disease.

condiments on food
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“We already knew it was very bad for us, but alarming new evidence just keeps pouring in,” says nutritionist and juicing pioneer Cherie Calbom, MS, who is known as “The Juice Lady.”
“Despite the case against excessive sugar intake, we know its prevalent use remains in things like ketchup, yogurt, canned soup, salad dressing, tomato sauce, bread, granola bars – not to mention soda or dessert-style coffee beverages.”

That’s why Calbom suggests taking full control of the sugar in your diet by making your own meals, snacks and drinks. Her most recent book, “The Juice Lady’s Sugar Knockout” (, offers recipes for overcoming sugar.

Samples of her “Sugar Knockout” recipes include:

green juice
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Curb your carb craving with a Jerusalem artichoke-based juice cocktail. 
Here’s a traditional remedy:

• 3-4 carrots
• 2 celery ribs
• 1 Jerusalem artichoke
• 1 cucumber, peeled if not organic
• 1 lemon, peeled if not organic
• ½ green apple
Wash produce first and, once juiced, drink as soon as possible.

chocolate mousse
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Longing for dessert-time? 
Try a delicious alternative to traditional Chocolate Mousse.

• 1 medium avocado, ripe
• 2 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
• 2 Tbsp. coconut nectar or ¼ tsp. stevia
• 6 Tbsp. almond milk
• Optional: pistachios, strawberries, raspberries or goji berries

Put large chunks of avocado flesh in the blender. Add the cocoa, sweetener and almond milk. Blend, starting on low and then moving to high speed until smooth. If the avocado is larger, you will need a bit more of each ingredient. If it is too thick, drizzle in a bit more almond milk. Add more cocoa or sweetener to taste. Refrigerate the mousse and serve cold. Top with nuts or berries.

“These recipes let you know that, once you decide to live without sugar, it’s deliciously possible,” Calbom says.

About Cherie Calbom, MSN (a.k.a. The Juice Lady)

Cherie Calbom holds a Master of Science degree in whole foods nutrition from Bastyr University. Known as “The Juice Lady” ( for her work with juicing and health, she is author of 31 books, with millions of copies sold worldwide. No stranger to healthy diet trends, Cherie joined George Foreman as nutritional spokesperson in the Knockout the Fat phenomena that forever changed grilling in America.

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas in July?

STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Book Review: How to Enjoy Life with Bipolar Disorder by Ann Latta Donnan

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 How to Enjoy Life with Bipolar Disorder  cover


This is the story of a twelve year old girl who comes down with a severe mental illness that is not correctly diagnosed for seven years. She cycles through chaotic manias and debilitating depressions until she is hospitalized four times and diagnosed as Bipolar. Then she begins a long road to recovery and a fulfilled and happy life. She describes the illness as terrifying and all consuming. Most of all she had no control over when it would invade her live and devastatingly rock her world. 

In 1969 lithium was first used in the United States and it proved to be a miracle drug for Ann and for many others. Hospitalization and therapy were required. Ann worked hard with her doctors and therapists and now leads a triumphant life.


This book is small, but it offers a lot of insight as to how Ann was quote 'a normal child', a tomboy who loved life, until she turned 12 and her life altered. The first couple of chapters shows how active Ann's family life was and how there didn't seem to be anything different with her, versus her siblings. This is actually quite normal for kids who develop bpolar. The onset of puberty's hormones seems to trigger the imbalance, making it seem like it came from nowhere.

By offering an inside look into Ann’s life from the first onslaught of her bipolar disorder symptoms to her multiple hospitalizations, Ann shares the ups and downs of learning to deal with her illness, and how it affected her family, and how they deal with it too. The book offers some great ideas on dealing with both the mania and depression of bipolar, and how a family can help a family member who suffers from the illness. It's a worthwhile read if you know someone, or have a family member, who has been diagnosed with bipolar.

About the Author:

Ann was raised in Pacific Palisades, California. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture and worked for four architects in her twenties then taught high school for twentyfive years. She is married and living in Southern California. She has two children and two grandchildren. She is working on a biography of her three brothers and a study on dreaming.

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Someone Must Die by Sharon Pott

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This new book comes out today!


When her six-year-old nephew vanishes from a neighborhood carnival, Aubrey Lynd's safe, snow-globe world fractures; it shatters when the FBI's investigation raises questions about her own family that Aubrey can't answer.  Aubrey picks apart the inconsistencies to expose the first of many lies: a ransom note—concealed from the FBI—with a terrifying and impossible ultimatum. Aubrey doesn't know what to believe or whom to trust. The abduction is clearly personal—but why would someone play a high-stakes game with the life of a child? The more she presses for answers, the more Aubrey is convinced that her mother is hiding something.
Desperate to save her young nephew, Aubrey must face harsh truths and choose between loyalty to her family and doing the right thing. And she'd better hurry, because vengeance sets its own schedule, and time is running out.


This is an interesting book, taking the reader back to the turbulent 60's and the foundation for dysfunction that now rules Aubrey's family. Add in a few red herrings to get the reader on the wrong track of who really took Ethan, and why, and you have a page turner. It is perfect for Summer reading by the pool, once you let go of obvious flaws in procedure and Aubrey's character. But it is a likable tale, with an ending that will have you cheering for dogedness!

About the Author:

Sharon Potts is the award-winning, critically acclaimed author of five psychological thrillers, including In Their Blood—winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award and recipient of a starred review in Publishers Weekly. A former CPA, corporate executive, and entrepreneur, Sharon has served as treasurer of the national board of Mystery Writers of America, as well as president of that organization's Florida chapter. She has also co-chaired SleuthFest, a national writers' conference. Sharon lives in Miami Beach with her husband and a spirited Australian shepherd named Gidget. Check out her website for more info!

Pirate's Booty is Your Summer Camp Necessity!

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If you chose to fight the Summer boredom, with escapes away from home, this post is for you!

Unfortunately for many of us, the brown bag lunch assembly line doesn’t end at the culmination of the school year. Whether it’s daycare or day camp, kids are still in need of packed snacks that are not only tasty, but that give them the energy they need for all of their summer adventures. 

Why not give yur kids not only a fun snack, but one that is good for them?

Gluten-free and baked not fried, Pirate’s Booty can be enjoyed by all camp mateys and with a crunchy, crispy bite that kids crave, this go-to snack, available in easy to pack ½ oz. bags (12 per bag), won’t melt in the sun either, and are ALWAYS cheesy and crunchy!

We love the small bags, but you can also get 1 oz size bags, for those days when your kid wants to share their booty with their fellow campers!

Add water, a healthy sandwich or rollups (Miss Grace's Summer fav), some fruit, cheese and a healthy dessert and you have the makings of a healthy and fun lunch that adults will want too, and with 12 small bags in the larger bag, there is plenty to go around!

And just think of the smile of joy, when your kid opens their lunch bag at camp and exclaims
"I've got the Booty!!!". 

And of course, you'll be the 'fun' Mom! LOL

So head on over to your local grocery or Target and pick up some Pirate's Booty today. And don't forget they have some super YUMMY dinner products too! 

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