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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Quicksilver -a Quick Follow Up and a Special Discount!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge, from Quicksilver Scientific, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them. As with any medical advice- consult with YOUR doctor before proceeding with use, our experiences are just that, ours. Yours may be different.

So the folks at Quicksilver asked if we would do a follow up post, to let our readers know how things have been going, using their products. Plus they have something special FOR YOU, at the end of the post!

Here are the items we've been using and our updates:

quicksilver products 1

The Quicksilver Ultra Vitamin is the world's first liposomal multivitamin, that delivers fat- and water-soluble vitamins together, along with many other essential but rarely included vitamins is the ultimate multi-vitamin blend. Miss Grace has been using this one and Sher immune system seems to have been very well boosted, as she has skipped over her traditional Summer cold/sinus infections this year! The minute I stopped taking it for 2 days (accidentally), I got a Summer cold!

As you know, Miss Grace also takes GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) every day to help not only reducing stress, but to help her concentrate. The Quicksilver Liposomal GABA with L-Theanine has been MUCH easier for her to take, than the 'horsepill' she was taking, so she's much more willing to take it! And you can definitely tell when she hasn't taken it, as she is more quick tempered, and has a hard time concentrating! She is still taking the recommended dosage of 4 pumps, split into 2 times a day.

thrivagen easy pump

Work has been extremely hectic, and add in a chatoic performing shcedule and late nights trying to plan out middle AND high school courses, and the Thrivagen blend had been a life saver for me!  I've had less digestive issues, and that has meant more time doing fun stuff with Miss Grace! ANd I've continued to notice less hormonal migraines. I also started using it with Miss Grace as her hormone surges are volvanic, and it really seems to help her keep on a even keel! 

Quinton Isotonic

Quinton Isotonic  is an unique way to get the minerals your body needs, in a way your body can best use. It is pure seawater harvested from protected plankton blooms by Laboratories Quinton, following strict protocols established by Frenchman Rene Quinton (1866–1925). I do wish the product didn't come in glass ampules, as I'm always afraid Miss Grace will cut herself on the broken glass ends. But I do understand why they do come this way.

Both Miss Grace and I have alternated with it and the Quinton Hypertonic. Especially after a long day outside,in extreme heat AND humidity, you take one dose and your body really seems to come back and restore itself to normal levels, quite quickly. It has really helped her after her outside performances, to not be drawn out and exhausted, and I've found that both seem to be really helping our immune system as well. 

h2 elite tablets

The last product is perhaps our second fav: Quicksilver Scientific’s H2 Elite tablets. These tablets have been a huge gift! I mix one with some electrolytes in her water for dance class, and she actually come sout of a very intensive class with water LEFT. The combo of the hydrogen and electrolytes keeps her VERY hydrated during class, so as they take water breaks, her body is refreshed and ready for the next go round, while the rest of the class is sagging! We used it for Summer hikes as well, and both of us were the only ones literally not dropping at the end of the hike!

So as you can see, Quicksilver has made a HUGE impact on both of our bodies! I was skeptical at first, that the products would make THAT much of a difference, but after using them for a longer period, they have continued being amazing, and products we highly recommend, especially if you have an active and/or stressful 

 special offer

The Quicksilver line of products, including detox kits, are available at their online store, AND and some pharmacies/practioner offices nationwide.

And today they have s super discount for you- 5% off at their online store, with discount code NH5!

Remember, Think #quicksilverscientific to reduce the #stress in your life!

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Finesse Fitness Gives YOU the NEW Way to Exercise, NO Matter WHERE You Are! (giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this info and giveaway, free of charge, from Finesse Fitness, for blog posting purposes, on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own.

finese logo
Finesse Fitness, designer of the SomaSoles exercise system, is running a super Kickstarter campaign, for the next level in their line of portable, total body workout bundles, housed in either a custom-designed backpack or duffel. 
kickstarter bundles
“After playing football at Stanford and traveling around the world for the sport, I realized there was a huge gap in the fitness world for an easy-to-use, customizable and portable fitness system that targets the whole body,” said Matt Kasner, co-founder of Finesse Fitness. “We’ve made it our mission to provide workout and fitness tools and knowledge to anyone - from a busy stay-at-home parent to a traveling professional athlete to help them get and stay fit.”

Built to fit anyone’s lifestyle or fitness level, these new bundles consist of meticulously designed equipment created with high-quality and durable materials, with amble room to include everything you need, for a full body workout, no matter WHERE you are!

kickstarter bundle bag materials
Don't be fooled about the light greay exterior! The bag material is not only water, but drt resustant, so it stays looking nice! You get sturdy metal zippers that can stand DAILY use, and keep on working! And thanks to a removable foam interior, the bags feature STURDY sides that will NOT collapse, when all the included equipment is in place!
kickstarter bundles open

And you get the best SomaSole based equipment bundles in these new packs! The equipment within each bundle can be used alone, or mix-and-matched, to create a completely customized workout system for YOU. The systems can be used for both training and recovery needs, like weight loss, performance preparation, strength training, stretching, pilates and yoga movements, and corrective exercise and rehabilitation.

What’s Included Inside Each Bundle:

SomaSole Foot Harnesses (2)
Link Resistance Bands (2 SHORT, 1 LONG)
FreeWheel Instability Sliders (1)
FitStrap Bodyweight Trainers (2)
Adjustable Handles (2)
Small Door Anchor (1)
Trigger-Point Ball (1)

SomaSoleFoot Harnesses (2)
Link Resistance Bands (2 SHORT, 1 LONG)
Stem Dynamic Workout Bar (1)
FreeWheel Instability Sliders (2)
FitStrap Bodyweight Trainers (2)
Adjustable Handles (2)
Full-Door Anchor (2)
Small Door Anchor (1)
Foam Roller (1)
Trigger-Point Ball (1) 

To provide the full workout experience, Finesse Fitness bundles ALSO come with a mobile app, to let you either download or stream workouts, like those from Metta (shown above), connect with your trainer, plan workouts, and give and receive support from the Finesse Fitness Life community.

kickstart bundles and app

The app is free to use with advanced features available for $6.99/month. All Kickstarter rewards will include at least one month of Premium content access for free, as an extra bonus!

As you can see, each of the new Kickstarter Bundles are based on the SomaSole Bundle (already available), that allows you to use your body's own resistance, safely, anywhere you like: your home, outdoors in a park, or when traveling. 


Not sure what a SomaSole is? 

SomaSole enables you to anchor the Link, an amazing resistance band, to your feet, via the carabiner attachment, or by running the Link through the anchor point. The ability to connect the Link to the body allows the user to work out with similar known gym stretching, strength building and dynamic exercises, anywhere, anytime. SomaSoles keeps you from having to stand on a band and pray it doesn't slip out from underneath your feet (and hit you),  or feel limited in movement by its lack of security. The width and thickness of the Link, along with the anti-snap exterior, makes using it comfortable to the skin. Check out this introduction video, to get more of an idea what the SomaSole can do for YOUR exercise routine!

Want to see more? You can check out some of the SomaSole workouts on their website at SomaSoleWorkout.com.

You can see just how AMAZING the new Kickstarter bundles will be, thanks to the breakdown poles, sliders and wall attachments! You really WILL have a complete portable gym with you, no matter where you go! Right now their are a limited number of Super Early Bird Specials of $149 USD, and a number of other great rewards including three (3) 30-minute shoot-around sessions with NBA legend, Metta World Peace.  

If you're still not sure, then Finesse Fitness udnerstands that and wants to share just how great the SomaSole base system IS with our readers!

Yup, that's right- I have a GIVEAWAY for you!

somsole bundle giveaway

The SomaSole bundles comes with 2 SomaSoles, 3 Link bands, 2 Handles, A full workout booklet, a how to use guide, and a drawstring back to keep it all in! With this one bundle, you can get your basic workout in, where you are!

flashing Win  


1 VERY lucky BTHM reader will get to win the wonderful SomaSole Bundle (retail value $69.99) exercise set, which includes everything in the photo above!

About Finesse Fitness
Los Angeles, CA-based Finesse Fitness has developed a system of well-designed, high quality and supremely effective exercise products that function both individually as well as together for an even better workout. The company, which was founded in 2015, has partnered with professional sports superstars including NFL legend, Joe Flacco, and NBA great, Metta World Peace, to help bring the system to market.  Flacco, who invested in Finesse in 2015, is equally a partner and shareholder, supporting the company in the athletic market with a variety of marketing initiatives. Finesse Fitness equally launched a partnership with Metta World Peace and his Marketing/Media company, AMG, focusing on digital marketing and advertising, social media and influencer marketing, as well as PR and outreach. For more information, visit finesse.life
Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Children's Book Review and Giveaway: God's Blessings Day by Day by Johnny Hunt

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge, from the Tommy Nelson, for review and giveaway, purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

And now for an adorable book, perfect for starting the school year off with!

God's Blessings Day by Day cover


God’s Blessing Day by Day is a trustworthy devotional compiled by renowned pastors and church leaders. Edited by Johnny Hunt, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, this devotional is the perfect way to introduce your children and grandchildren to a legacy of faith.

*One of the greatest gifts - and greatest challenges - of raising children is introducing them to the ways of God. As parents and grandparents, we want to impart our faith to the children we love so dearly, and it can feel more difficult than ever in the fast-moving, instant-access culture in which we find ourselves.
*God’s Blessing Day by Day, compiled by Johnny Hunt and more than 50 pastors and church leaders, is the perfect way to build faith through gratitude.

This easy-to-understand, child-friendly devotional is the perfect way to engage your family. Each devotion is written on topics children care about and includes great prayers and takeaways that will spark conversation as the timeless Word of God instructs and inspires your children.

Impart a deeper connection with the Lord in your children, help them establish healthy habits of devotion and prayer, and equip them with the tools they need to grow their faith.

God's Blessings Day by Day sample


This book is aimed at kids ages 8-12, and is perfect for early readers. But I would suggest that a betetr age group would be 6-10, due to illustrations, and simple devotionals. These days the 10-12 yr olds need the pre-teen variety instead.

As you can see each day starts with a Topic, then a bible verse, then the reading/devotional, and ends with a reiteration of the topic and a very short prayer. These are perfect for mornign prayer time, or for reading before bed, and discussing with a parent, at either time. They offer great conversation starters, especially once school starts. 

It's an adorable book, and we recommend it, as a great way to get your kdis used to daily devotions!

flashing Win


One BTHM reader will win their own copy of this adorable book!

About the Author:

Johnny Hunt is the general editor of Grace, Hope, and Love, part of the MyDaily®  Devotional series that has sold more than 700,000 copies. Hunt is the former president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Pastor Johnny’s educational credits include a BA in religion from Gardner-Webb College. He continued on to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned a Master of Divinity in 1981. Southeastern honored Pastor Johnny in 1997 by naming The Chair of Biblical Preaching in his honor in 1997. He has also received several honorary doctorates over the years for his work in ministry. Hunt and his wife, Janet, enjoy their two daughters, Deanna Carswell and Hollie Hixson, and 4 grandchildren. 

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