Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dial Soap Giveaway Change- READ ASAP if You Entered, or are Planning on Entering!

In the OH NO category....

I did NOT look at the Dial soap Coupons when they came in with my glasses ON, and thought the end date on them said 6-31.

A entrant, who had entered on another site said there's ended 3-31.

BIG difference.

Yup- read with glasses on- 3-31 end date.


I as the blogger am not very happy, as this left us almost NO time to try the product before hosting a QUICKIE giveaway.

dial hand soap

SO. I am ending the Dial Hand Soap giveaway at NOON tomorrow.

All winners will have to Sat am to get me their addresses, so I can get them in the mail to the
winners on SATURDAY. with first class mail, that should give the winners 4 days to buy their soap.

I am SO sorry for this change

I am also doubling the entry amounts for today and tomorrow, to make up for the shortened contest time.

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