Friday, September 26, 2014

Halloween Activities: Woman's Day Halloween Haunted Cookie House

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Halloween is now ONLY 34 days away- you can scream now!

womans day october magazine

It’s never too early to start planning a ghostly get-together! Count down to Halloween with the October issue of Woman’s Day, now on newsstands nationwide. 

Here's one of our favorite Halloween activities, that is great for any Halloween party- as the kids can EAT the house when the party is done!

Home, Scary Home:
Chocolate cookie walls and candy decorations make this haunted house frightfully delicious.

womans day Halloween Haunted Cookie House

Chocolate cookie walls and candy decorations make this haunted house frightfully delicious.
Get the templates you need to get started here, and then click through to start decorating! 

Windows – Attach windows to house with royal icing, then affix candy eyeballs ($3.99, to windows with melted hard caramel.

Stairs – Cut 3 wafer cookies to the width of the door, and arrange as stairs.

Shingles – Starting with the top row, stick Golden Graham Cereal shingles on the roof using melted hard caramel.

Headstone – Cut the bottom third off a Milano cookie and pip RIP on the top using tinted royal icing.

Dirt – In a food processor, pulse 6 chocolate cookies (such as Famous Wafers) until they’re fine crumbs.

Paved Ground – Make a path to the front door with white M&M’s; attach to the cookie base with royal icing. Stick gray, black, lavender and purple M&M’s around the house.

Spiders and Web – Affix mini M&M’s to the walls using royal icing. Then pipe royal icing legs and eyes and draw a web.

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