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Looking for an online Drawing Program for your kids, and maybe yourself too!, that goes beyond just draw a line, now draw another one, but feels more like you're there WITH the teacher, actually learning more than just techniques? Then this new course fromCreating a Masterpiece is the one your family is looking for!

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This online art instruction program is from re-knowned teacher Sharon Hofer. She offers 4 different online art instruction programs- Drawing, Core (featuring 24 different art media),  Art History and Unlimited Access (to all of the programs). Depending on your family needs, this website can cover all your art instruction for your family's art education!
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This program is designed specifically for students who love to draw, no matter their level of competence! Even children as young as 4 can take the program! Sharon takes students step by step in planning out their drawing, developing the basic sketch, and then executing it, in the preferred medium- charcoal, pencil or colored pencil. As your student goes through the different levels, they learn more advanced skills and techniques. Skills they learn include shading, incorporating value, and Perspective (including two and three point). 

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As you can see, there are multiple levels within the Drawing Program (4 total), and each level works on certain techniques, and features a natural progression. Overall you get 30 Projects, that cover 48 Lessons. Because the program features mediums you probably already have around your house, the expense is really just for the instruction! 

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With each project, you get a list of recommended supplies, in the "View Supplies List". You also get a "Purchase Supplies" button, for supplies you don't have (which takes you to Blick Art Materials where the projects are automatically placed in their shopping cart, for quick and easy check out! LOVE time savers, don't you?). What is also very helpful, is her Class chart, which lets you know how much of the supplies will be used, by how many students using them.This is helpful if you're using it for the entire family, to know if you need say multiple packs of paper.

Miss Grace worked on 5 different projects, as she was finishing up another art class, and was delayed starting this one. She didn't like her Trees, Owl or Turtle very much, so she didn't want me showing them here. I loved her Charcoal drawing of the Lake and Trees, but there was an unfortunate incident involving syrup and the cat, before I could take a picture of it, and it wasn't savable. SIGH. But she was rather proud of her Pumpkin drawing with colored pencils, so that's the one I'll focus on today!

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This was the project that Miss Grace decided she wanted to make to frame for Fall. I liked that it offered not only shading technique, but blending and the use of perspective, to place the small pumpkin behind the cob and larger pumpkin. Plus, if you've every drawn corn, it isn't as easy as it seems! I also liked how it forced her to remember how the real life objects feel to think about the shading and placement!

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When you sign into your account, you will go to the PROJECTS screen and then scroll down the the Drawing area (Core starts the all inclusive dashboard), and find the projects you are working on. Once you get into the project dash board, you'll see the supply list, and then the videos. You then simply follow along with the videos, in stated order. 

As a parent of an ADHD child, I actually LOVED how the projects is broken up into multiple videos, with natural stopping areas,so that she can take a brain break and move around for a few minutes, before starting the next video.In fact, what I found her doing was letting the video stop, continuing the area she was on, and then taking her break, before catching back up on the next video. She got that involved, she didn't want to stop! LOL. But this is also helpful for younger kids, who may not be ready for long instructions either.

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Here is Miss Grace's progress on her pumpkin sketch. She had left her vellum at a friend's house, and we were out, so she substituted her watercolor pad, but I actually love how it turned out, as it makes it look like it was made on canvas! As you can see, Sharon has them start with basic shapes, in light pencil, and then start adding in color bit by bit,with shading and colorization added along the way, Miss Grace got a bit side tracked when she went to make the husks on the corn, and they got a bit more purple and gray than she wanted,but then she shrugged and said 'real life' and let it go! Quite a bit different than what she would have said before her last 2 art classes! 

I love the sketch, and she does too! And it really only took her about an hour, with breaks! I have found that she has gotten much more confident in her drawing, thanks to the projects she has worked on in this course, and I think the low- key approach is the reason. She can work the online class at her own speed, stop it when she needs to, and pick back up when she can. While there is a project to base her's on, because she isn't in a formal class, there is room for individuality (just don't try syrup- trust me! LOL).

The plan for this program is to develop it further, with more levels of difficulty and many more projects. So your subscription might increase with more projects by the end of the year/early next year! At under $20 a month, it is one of the cheaper programs around, especially if you opt for the annual subscription! To see how it can work with those with more than one child, be sure to click on the image below, to read my fellow reviewers thought on it! Then come back for a FREEBIE below, from Sharon!

Learning to Draw {Creating a Masterpiece Reviews}

Want to give the program a try? YOU can with Sharon's FREE sample project! It gives you a feel for her teaching, and how easy the projects can be! 

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