New YEAR, New Self Program for all of us

I've been thinking about New Years Resolutions and how we all make them and usually about February. they are in the dust at our feet, forgotten and hanging out with the dust bunnies under the bed, and in our closets..

WHAT if this year we all take a DIFFERENT tack and resolve to change ONE thing per MONTH for the next year. Doesn't that sound better than putting up a list of 4-5 things and not accomplishing ANY of them???.

I found this word list in the January BH&G magazine about Refreshing Your Makeup routine, but the words seemed to fit things I was thinking about, so I  borrowed them and added a couple more to get us to 12. What do you think? Think we can accomplish them together? If you agree, sign up below, and once a month we'll get back together here and see where we are! You'll notice these are not aimed at a certain gender or sex. That's right boys, you get to participate too! I like to call it my "New YEAR, New Self  Program"

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January:.  RESOLVE- resolve to change ONE thing per month (if you already signed on, you're there technically). Put your monthly resolution on the first week of each month on your calendar, so you don't forget. Think about this list, and start thinking about what you need to change/accomplish with these resolutions. Everyone always starts with exercise and diet. Maybe you need a month to get psyched or you just don't want to go that route yet. So pick something else. But if you DO want to pick one of those, I'll be giving you some excellent options this month courtesy of my SUPER book PR contacts!

February: REIGNITE-resolve to spend more time with your significant other this month. Yes, there's Valentine's Day -that's a one-day gimmee! How else can you try to make more time for each other? If you don't have a significant other right now, then how about that friend that could use some more one-on-one quality time with you?

MARCH-REBALANCE- Spring is all about change. What do you need to rebalance in your life? Your health? Your spirit? Your joi d'vivre? What makes you happy? Bring it BACK! One step at a time baby- you can accomplish one thing at a time remember?

APRIL- RETHINK- ugh tax month- everybody gets stressed. Don't panic- think ahead, if you haven't already made changes in your budget, what can you do to ease things? If you can reduce stress about money and budgets, then everything else will flow better in your life.

MAY- RECHARGE- be a tourist in your home town/state- GO see the places that you never have, go have a picnic with your kids at a National Historical site, or a great scenic view site of your area. HAVE FUN!

JUNE- RECYCLE- it's summer. NOW is the time to go thru all those closets, see what you can giveaway, finish decluttering your life, see what you can repurpose or give to others. Pass it on!

JULY- REPLACE- ugh summer heat at its finest! Why not go thru all your makeup and get rid of the old (guys, go thru all that sports or hunting or computer or hobby stuff, that you KNOW you have hanging around). Then if you didn't tackle your closet last month, do it now. Give yourself a 'new' pared down wardrobe. Let go of all the "I might be able tos"- and when you're done, head to the mall and get a makeup makeover (guys you go to barber shop and get a slightly different haircut- spice it up a tinge huh? ha). BE FRESH AND NEW. If you're not into makeup that much, think about a new haircut = mix it up!

AUGUST- RESTOCK- fall and back to school is here already. You'll be busy getting back to school items for the kids. But what about YOU. Is there a class you want to take? Something you always wanted to learn how to do? SIGN yourself up- remember what it was like to have the thrill of something new! If you're not sure you want to COMMIT to a language class-Check out the Foreign Service Language program online for an intro class to many different foreign languages- they won't make you fluent, but they'll let you see if you want to go take an actual class or not!

SEPTEMBER- RETHINK- what is it you most want in your life right now (no world peace is NOT an answer!)? How can you accomplish it. Can you set small goals and achieve them? If you've followed along with this program for 8 months, yes you can!  So set small steps and go after what you want in your life!

OCTOBER-REHEAT- have some FUN with Halloween! Think back to all the great times you had- bring the FUN back. When did pretending for one night become wrong? Bring it back!

NOVEMBER-RELAX- yes, this is a simple one, but it's not is it? You know the holidays are coming and everything gets NUTS. Don't let it. If it means staying home, stay home and chill with the kids. Redirect the chaos to the real meaning of Thanksgiving- let go of the stress and everyone will be happy

DECEMBER- REDEDICATE- rededicate to having a STRESS free holiday season. WHAT are the FIVE most important things to you during the season? MAKE a list, then make them THE priority and stick to your guns. Remember what the Christmas season was like when you were a kid? Joy and glee? Bring it back- stop stressing over the perfect gifts or wrapping like you did this past year!

I'll be hosting some giveaways and letting you know about some great books this month. I am NOT encouraging you to do the usual diet/exercise resolutions. I want you to think about your WHOLE person, inside and out. So there may be some diet books, but there will be other stuff too. We are a nation under stress, let's take our lives back, one stress-reliever at a time, til we get to our happy places! AND if you sign on, you'll get EXTRA entries for ALL contests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now doesn't that make you happy?????

If you agree, email or tell your friends, link to or blog about this post, and/or  tweet about this post, and your resolve to take things one step at a time! If you want, add the button to your blog as well.

Take the step to a New You this year with me!


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