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Thursday, February 25, 2010

WOOHOO- A Blog Award!

Larry over at Cakeblast made my day yesterday by passing on a super award to me!

Sunshine Blog Award!Blog awards are fun and sorta like getting picked to be on the 'cool team' during school sports! They make you feel all appreciated and warm and fuzzy inside!

To receive the award from Larry, who has been a big help to me with graphics, makes it even more special! HUGS Larry!

Here are twelve blogs that are very deserving of the Sunshine Award as well themselves- check them out if you haven't seen them before- it's our own 6 Degrees of Separation at work!

Recipients, you get to share that warm and fuzzy feeling, and get to pass the love on to 12 of your favorite blogs as well!

The rules for the accepting this award are:

1. Put the logo on your blog or in your post
2. Pass the award on to 12 other bloggers who bring sunshine into your life.
3. link to the nominees in your post
4. comment on the blogs of all 12 people
5. link to the person who gave you the award

So thus, I am passing on this award to:

1. The Experimental Mommy
2. The Graphics Fairy
3. Neas Nuttiness 
4. Thanks Mail Carrier 
5. Zakka Life 
6. Closet of Free Samples 
7. The Cajun Book Lady 
8. Secrets of a Southern Kitchen
9. Grosgrain
10. Beach Brights

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