Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Blog Awards!

Jingle over at Its Time To Thing For Myself (Jingle) was kind enough to bestow 2 blog awards upon me this past weekend! Thank you Jingle for making my weekend extra special!!!

WHAT JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Versatile Blogger Award

and You Are Like The Sprinkles On My Cupcake Award

The Rules of Acceptance:

1. Thank those who loved you enough to bestow this gift.
2. Share seven (7) things about yourself.
3. Bestow this honor onto 10 newly discovered or followed bloggers–in no particular order–who are fantastic in some way.
4. Drop by and let 10 chosen friends know you love them.

Seven (7) Things About Me:
1. I've been reading since I was in pre-school
2. I attended 13 schools growing up from pre-K to Senior year of High School- adapability is my
middle name!
3. I am most comfortable in jeans and t-shirt
4. I still get excited when packages come in the mail!
5. I really DO have a serious coffee habit- just wait til you see what review I have coming up this next week!
6. My kids has WAY more clothes than I do, no matter what hubby thinks-LOL
7. I love to go to antique shops and hunt for ideas!

New to Me Bloggers:
10. Table For Five

Chosen Friends: you helped make this blog and above and beyond what it was and could have been-THANK you SO much, for your inspiration and help!

1. Cakeblast
2. The PostIt Place
3. Three Boys and a Dog
4. Southern Plate
5. Earl's Daughter
6. Laughing Lindsay
7. Clan Mcleod
8. Cutest Kid Ever
9. Thrifty Mama Bees
10.  Katydid and Kid

HUGS to all my readers- you are ALL the Sprinkles of Life to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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