Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Project 101, or is 140?

When we visited kiddos Grandma in Jackson last week, she got to see all her Spooky Houses laid out and was totally entranced! A few hours later when we were at Michael's, we saw some wooden 'spooky' houses and kiddo was immediately enchanted and informed me we HAD to get some for the house.

I thought it was a cute project and something we could put out every year, so we picked up the ones they had. Cut to yesterday when I finally finished them:

halloween mantle

Cute or what?

NOW kiddo thought we needed more...naturally, she's 3. So when hubby took me out for my birthday lunch, we stopped at Michael's to see if there happened to be any more. Nope, BUT we did find a FOAM kit. Ok we thought, it can't be that bad, right????

Oh how naive we were.....

Before- Please note the pieces
foam kit cover

Instructions- yes this is ALL of the instructions for 140 pieces.

foam kit instructions

Right- look at the pix closer.... please note- NO side views...

foam kit instructions close up

I saved you the pix of seeing 100 plus pieces all over the table. SIGH....

After 60 minutes of alot of muttering and 2 adults trying to get kiddo to understand our frustration. As you can see, there are side steps and rear braces, NOT shown in the instructions....SIGH

foam kit finished house

But after all that-it's totally adorable! YEAH! AND very very big! So no mantle for it! AND it looks adorable with a mini strobe in the back at night!

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