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Monday, February 7, 2011

John Deer Updated Overalls Tutorial

Ok, I admit, I forgot and left the camera downstairs, 
and just rolled with the phone camera, so forgive the bad pix! 

I'm not super on Tutorials, so bear with me! I wanted to show you a quick way to update 
2 basics for the interest of your child!

As you know, kiddo got a John Deere tractor n trailer for Christmas, so of course she needed overalls to go with them, for working in the garden. BUT, of course the available overalls, are for "BOYS", so we needed to improve the design!
john deere 1

So I found a pair of Gymboree overalls on Ebay (what DID we do before Ebay?) that had a flip up bottom cuff in John Deere green! YEAH. I already had a Circo white t-shirt, so we were almost there. One trip to Hobby Lobby, and a seach for some girly John Deere fabric, iron-on fusible for applique and some pink polka dotted ribbon and we were in business!

john deere 2

I started with cutting out the applique sections I wanted to use from the fabric. I forgot to take a picture of the panel, but it is in squares, with pink plaids on alternative squares. I then ironed the squares onto a section of the fusible web, and peeled off the backing paper. Ready to go!

I then cut out long strips of the plaid and sewed together to go around the collar. I was going to go around the arm cuffs, but when i looked at the shirt under the overalls, I changed my mind.

john deere 3

After ironing on the appliques to the shirt and overalls, I decided to use the ribbon around all the patches, as I had 3 appliques on pockets and it was going to be too hard to sew by hand (using machine would have meant the pockets were unusable!

As you can see, for the shirt I decided it needed a little oomph, so I used some of the leftover ribbon scraps and made an 'x' and sewed on a pink button I had (with green thread!) in the corner for some extra appeal.

We had an headband from when Kiddo was a baby that no longer fits her, but was a perfect match for the green and pink. So I recycled it into a barrette, so it can be worn with a ponytail, or on her John Deere hat.

john deere 4

I forgot to take a pix of the back! The John Deere logo went on the upper back, above the V, and the tractors went on both packets, one facing left, one facing right! Ribbon around all of them!

This is a quick way to make a matching set for anything you need- Handy Manny, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Train, etc, and to make it for a girl, instead of a boy!

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