HOP Movie Review

Kiddo got off early this past Friday, so we surprised her with lunch with Meme and Papa and then the four of us went to go see HOP, which she had been BUGGING us to see since she saw the first commercial for it!

This was only her second movie to see at the actual movie theatre! She was over the moon and super thrilled to finally get to see HOP!

Overall our impression was that the movie was aimed at kids and adults, and there were areas the kids would like then get bored with, as those parts were more adult orientated. It's a cute little movie, and if you let your kids believe in the Easter Bunny, they'll probably like the movie. Would I pay $10 to see it? No, it's definitely a matinee priced movie!

Some highlights:
  • Best adult laugh: "of course, I have no problem with a talking bunny, my best friend is a talking car", said by David Hasseloff. (all the adults over 30 thought that was hilarious)
  • Best kid moment: The first shot of the Easter candy factory. The entire kid audience went "oooooo".
  • Prince Allude: the Easter Bunny's private army: The Pink Berets (sing "Raspberry Beret" and you've got it"
  • Best Freak Out Moment for the over 35: Bow Wow Wow's 80's punk song "I Want Candy" as a KIDS song
  • Best weird moment- Russell Brand talking to 'himself" as the voice of EB
  • 2nd best weird moment- the moment you realize the voice of the Easter Bunny is none other than the curmudgeonly Dr. House from tv
  • Totally odd moment- getting used to the Easter Bunny and EB with BRITISH accents. If they live on Easter Island/Rapa Nui, why British accent, not Polynesian?

There were alot of 80s alludes that the over 35 crowd all caught, based on the laughter. Totally over the kids' heads.
kiddo with hop poster
(Bonus: 1st day attendees got a mini Hop poster with games on it!)

Overall a decent movie, I wish it had just been more kid aimed, as most of the under 10 audience got BORED at the same moments of Adult drama in the movie.


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