Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book Review and Giveaway: Life Is Not a Candy Store; It's the Way to the Candy Store: A Spiritual Guide to the Road of Life for Teens by Tal Yanai

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Life Is Not a Candy Store cover
Synopsis: "We all have what we need inside of us to remove much of the pain from our daily lives, so we can find balance and live joyful and peaceful lives. We are capable of attracting to ourselves that which we desire. 

With the right knowledge and tools, our lives can overflow with Love, and spiritual as well as material abundance. But before we can enjoy the blessings life has in store for us, we need to know what we want and what those tools are that the Universe provides, which will help us achieve our goals.

This small book is full of wisdom of the deepest kind, couched in simple language and written from the heart. Although the content is geared toward teenagers, it will equally appeal to adults."

About the Author: Tal Yanai was born and raised in kibbutz Einat, Israel. For the first twenty-three-years of his life he denied the existence of God. In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles where he met his first spiritual teacher. Guiding him to ask the right questions, and look at the right places, she helped him find proof for the one question troubled him the most-the existence of a higher power. This experience changed him, and since then he has dedicated much of his life to learning about the wonderful world of God and spirituality. He received a teaching credential in Social Studies from the State of California and taught in the Los Angeles public schools for several years. Today he teaches Spirituality, Hebrew and Judaic Studies in Temple Beth Hillel in the San Fernando Valley. The opportunity to interact with inner city students, as well as with privileged teenagers and young adults, made him deeply aware that many young people are discontented with their lives and feel they lack alternatives. As a parent and a teacher, Tal works with kids and young adults to deal with life s challenges in a more spiritual manner. His intention in writing this book is to encourage young people to consider the choices they make, as well as the manner in which they oftentimes interact with each other. " You can find out more about Tal on his website.

Review: As I mentioned yesterday, questioning one's faith is NOT a bad thing. Many teens loose their way as they revolt against the faith of their parents, and do not seek understanding of their own. There is no grey- just black (parents-oppressing) and white (their's-freedom).  

In this small book, the author offers teen assistance in finding their OWN road to faith/spirituality. He presents  the basic truth of God being an architect and us living in balance with him, and taking the paths opened to us by our choices. He shows teens how seeking the truth is ok, and that it is part of the maturing process, and in itself builds out character. He includes some wonderful activities to get teens to think about their moral characters, and how they can better them, as well.

This book is not only great for teens, to offer them encouragement and build their self-empowerment, but for teachers and parents to help their children along the road to maturity and self-awareness. It is a great book to send off with your child going off to college, or moving out on their own as well! I definitely recommend it as a conversation starting point!

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