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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book Review and Giveaway: Lucky Stiff by Deborah Coonts


As I told you on Friday, we're having a triple dose of Deborah Coonts this weekend on BTHM! As she has become my new favorite writer, I was thrilled to be able to share her great books, and wonderful humor, with you this weekend! Read on for her latest book AND a great 2-book giveaway!

The first book in the "Lucky' series, Wanna Get Lucky?, has been nominated by the Romance Writers of America for the 2011 RITA awards in the categories of Best First Novel and Best Novel with a Strong Romantic Element. This is her second book, published in February 2011!

Synopsis: Las Vegas series starring Lucky O'Tool. A true book for the adventurous mind, it's filled with deadly enemies, edgy humor, and Vegas glam. Written with charm, and a little bit of sass, Coonts brings to life the excitement of mystery and romance set in a Vegas backdrop.

Lucky O'Toole -- head of Customer Relations at premier mega resort the Babylon -- thinks it's just another night in Las Vegas. A tractor-trailer has spilled its load of a million honeybees, blocking not only the Strip but the entrance to her hotel . . . The district attorney for Clark County -- apparently the odd man out of a threesome on the twelfth floor -- is hiding in the buff in one of the hotel's laundry rooms . . .  And Numbers Neidermeyer -- one of Vegas's less-than-savory oddsmakers -- is throwing some major attitude at Las Vegas's ace private investigator, the beautiful Jeremy Whitlock.

The next day, Lucky discovers Ms. Neidermeyer has been tossed into the shark tank at the Mandalay Bay Resort as a snack for the tiger shark. When the police show up at the Babylon with a hastily prepared search warrant, applied for by the district attorney himself, and Jeremy lands in the hot seat, Lucky realizes her previous night was far from routine.
Amid the chaos of fight weekend, the Babylon's hiring of an eccentric new French chef, and her madam mother's scheme to auction off a young woman's virginity, Lucky is drawn into a deadly game where no one is what they seem, a game that will end only when she discovers who made fish food out of Numbers Neidermeyer.

Lucky O'Toole and fabulous Las Vegas -- life doesn't get any better.

You can read an excerpt on author's webpage too!

About the AuthorDeborah says her mother tells her she was born in Texas a very long time ago, though she's not totally sure -- her mother can't be trusted. But she was definitely raised in Texas on barbeque, Mexican food and beer. She currently resides in Las Vegas, where family and friends tell her she can't get into too much trouble. Silly people. Coonts has built her own business, practiced law, flown airplanes, written a humor column for a national magazine, and survived a teenager. She is the author of Wanna Get Lucky?, the first in a series of Lucky O'Toole Vegas adventures. For more information please visit http://www.deborahcoonts.com/, and follow the author on Facebook and Twitter

Review: I feel like singing the Toby Keith song, "I Love this Bar", but change it to "I love this writer". Seriously! I read this book first and fell for Lucky's sarcastic and witty dialogue, and the tight paced mystery! Not only is it the "perfect modern heroine" meets "untraditional, but totally wonderful guy", it gives you a great taste for the back story of Vegas. 

This book catches up alot of the characters and provides the backstories that were hinted at in the first book, and introduces more unique characters that you just KNOW will be in book 3! This series is the PERFECT Summer read and I know once you read them, you'll be as hooked as I am!

And as a PS- I am always super thrilled when a book cover ACTUALLY matches the story. I know, I know, how many can you tell me about where people on the cover had wrong hair color, or were set in wrong background? SIGH...BUT not this series- you get the vastness of Vegas on the cover of the first book, and on this one, the charms ALL actually correspond to parts of the story- so COOL! Yeah team!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book for review purposes on this blog, free of charge, from the FSB Associates.No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.


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  2. Looks like a great story! Thanks!

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