Halloween How-To: Extreme Face Painting by Brian and Nick Wolfe


Well Halloween is ONLY TWO days away!
Can I get a WOO HOO? !!!

Are YOU ready?
Are the kids jumping off the walls yet? Yeah mine too!

Did the Tiger Face Post from yesterday get you thinking about adding something to your princess or butterfly??

Well Extreme Face Painting: 25 FRIENDLY Step-by-Step Demos by Brian and Nick Wolfe can help you out! This book has the PERFECT butterfly for you to do. AND it's so simple, you'll be able to use for ANY event with your daughter, including birthday parties! The book makeup faces that are perfect for festivals, plays, and even tailgating! The video tutorials offer point-by-point references on how to apply a range and depth of color, and effects, to make your creations truly unique!

And here's the butterfly:

And the instructions:
(you can click on the photo it make it bigger!)

1. Lay in the yellow center of the butterfly’s wings with a sponge, placing angled lines around the inside corners of the eyes.

2. Also with a sponge, apply orange next to the yellow centers, painting over the eyelids.

3. Still using a sponge, add neon pink farther out on the wings and over the eyes.

4. Dab on blue to the outer edges of the wings using a sponge. Allow the blue to lightly mix with the pink where the two colors meet to create a hint of purple. Add the green body between the wings using a no. 3 round. Make sure the body is small so that it draws attention to the eyes and not the nose.

5. With a no. 3 round, outline the butterfly wings in black. Add teardrop shapes at the bottom of the wings and slightly scallop the outer edges. Outline the body as well, dividing it into three segments. Paint the antennae, working from the head of the butterfly up; lightly flick your brush up off the face as you reach the tips. Use a no. 3 round to add small black dots to the tips of the antennae and fill in any missing color holes

6. Using a no. 3 round and some black, divide the wings into sections, scalloping between the pink and blue. Add some more black sectioned areas to the wings and reshape the outline if needed. Also use a no. 3 round to add tiny white highlights to the antennae and body. Fill in the lips with purple using a cotton swab.

Pretty simple. right? I KNOW you can do it! Now if only my Princess would let me paint one on her! Kiddo has hated face paint forever, we can not get any on her. Course this saves us alot of money at festivals, so I'm not complaining!

Don't forget about their other book- it's perfect for the boys and teenagers!

Extreme Face Painting: 25 FIENDISH Step-by-Step Demos (Enhanced Edition) has a frightening range of fantastical faces for Halloween, plays and even parties. From zombies, witches, vampires, yetis, orcs, and even cyborgs! Yup, a teenagers dream! With the tutorials in Extreme Face Painting: FIENDISH, you might even scare yourself (case in point- look at the cover!) . 

At under $10, these books are a steal! The enhanced versions of the books (with video!) are available through iTunes for the iPad and iPhone for $5.99 as well as at Barnes & Noble for the Nook Color. The regular ebook is also available at Amazon for the Kindle and the print book is available wherever books are sold.

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these instructions and info, free of charge, from F+W Media, for blog posting purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.


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