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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Product Review: Iron Patches for Sewing and Mending

If you have kids, you know about patches that you iron on, to cover holes and seam up slices in jeans. And more than likely you have a love/hate relationship with them. I know I do! So when I was contacted by Iron Patches, about trying their NEW type of iron on patch, I was hesitant, but thought I'd give them a try!

iron patches logo

I was sent a sample pack of  2”x2” and 4”x4” patches, as well as a sheet of their Iron On Adhesive, to make my own patches with!

I was contemplating what to use them on, when Kiddo came in from school and announced she had CUT her uniform skirt. Yes, a $50 skirt. It was an accident and I couldn't be mad at her, but I was NOT happy! Then I looked at the Iron On envelope again and thought 'well, no time like the present!'. So off to the ironing board we went! 

I went ahead and did NOT cut the 2x2 square (see left picture), as I wanted to make sure I had a good bond, and the area around the cut was strong (just in case, sigh...). To use them all you do is heat the fabric for a minute with a super hot iron, remove the backing paper, then place you patch down and iron for less than a minute. Wait for it to cool down and waa-la. You're patched. Seriously it was DONE in less than 3 minutes and I did NOT have to redo the patch, like you do with the patches sold at your local big box store. WOO HOO! 

iron patches  skirt 2As you can see by the final picture, the cut is totally secure! You might not readily see it in the picture on the right, but it's by the left pleat. I need to go back with a faint marker and cover the blue that is showing through a little, due to fraying before the jumper made it home, but all in all, it looks fine and the skirt is perfectly usable. WHEW!

I then went ahead and cut one of the 4x4 patches and used it on a denim jacket that has some wear on an arm and was about to start fraying open. Simple to put on, and it stayed PUT, even on the heavier fabric! (Course I forgot to take a picture for this post). After 2 wearings it is NOT coming loose either- SUCCESS!

For testing of the adhesive strip I opted to FIX a previous project, whose iron on adhesive was coming off. The ribbon on the pockets obviously was too hard to sew, so I had used a double backed adhesive. 4 washes later and it was coming up on edges, 1 side almost completely. Argh.So I cut some strips from the Iron On Patches adhesive and went to ironing. 5 minutes later and it was rock solid hold. YEAH! I LOVE this stuff!

AND the best part? These new patches and adhesive are VERY inexpensive, as you can see! Plus they come in different colors of denim AND carmel color for work pants!

4 pack of 2”x2” Traditional Patches   $2.99
2 Pack of 4”x4” Traditional Patches   $4.99
2 Pack of 4”x4” Backing Patches       $4.99
4 Pack 3.5”x8” Adhesive Sheets        $6.99
* *Free Shipping on all USA orders**

Right now they are only sold on their website. I hope they'll be expanding once everyone tries them out, as they need to be sold everywhere!

I am definitely adding these products to my sewing cabinet to have on hand at all times, AND I will definitely be switching to their adhesive sheets for all my adhesive sewing needs! it just works THAT much better!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge, from Iron Patches, for review purposes! No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them.

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