Saturday, December 3, 2011

What's Your Personal Jewelry Style? Ice Can Help!

If there is one thing I love, it's jewelry. I come from a long line of fashionable gemstone wearers, so it shouldn't be of any surprise! 
emerald flower earrings

Over the years, my 'jewelry fashion style' has changed. I think that happens to everybody as a matter of maturity. As our personalities set in, so does our likes and dislikes. So as they change, so does our taste in jewelry. For example, when I graduated from college, I wore gold and gravitated toward dark stones, like emeralds and sapphires. I also tended toward more 'feminine' styling-lots of swirls and flower looks.
Silver Plated rope Bracelet
But then I went through a silver and turquoise/coral, or silver and gold twisted rope piece, phase (I called it my 'native' phase, friends called it my 'cowgirl stage'- gee just cause you go out with somebody who rodeos...LOL). And my style kept evolving from there, which it tends to do in your twenties! 
black and white fleur de lis ring
Then when I hit my mid thirties, it seemed to coalesce into a streamlined, modern look, with touches of art deco. Yeah, I know, just call me eccentric! But gone was the yellow gold, to be replaced by white gold, platinum and silver only. Oh I still have those other pieces, and I know that Kiddo will enjoy them when she gets older (her "future dress up box", as she calls that jewelry box!). But now what I love is a more unique piece, that has traditional lines, but a modern feel, like using blue diamonds. Expensive doesn't always mean I'll like it! As a matter of fact, usually I don't. I tend to be more of a quality over quantity type girl!
It seems like I've been shopping at since they've been in business, and they know what I mean by that previous sentence! I have always found pieces there that not only fit my budget (you get the item and make payments-woo hoo!), but more importantly, my taste! Want to see what I mean? I played Ice Stylist and found some examples that fit my style, and more importantly, I think set a certain look. Check them out:


diamond stack rings
Three bands can be worn alone or stacked together for an even more unique look. AHA- more bang for your buck! I love it when jewelry has multiple ways it can be worn! Uniformly sized bands feature white diamonds and enhanced champagne, blue and black diamonds in sleek sterling silver. I LOVE blue and black diamonds, and the champagne ones are trendy, yet classic!

And to go with it, I found this great looking bracelet:


diamond gold bracelet
This wide shimmering sterling silver diamond bangle is set with sparkling white diamonds, and will surely complete your outfit, no matter what it is. The lines of the bangle are simple enough that it can be worn everyday, yet it can look glitzy for going out or for formal occasions. Yeah, another multi-purpose piece! And how great to not have to change jewelry, when you're going out after work!

The best part of these two pieces? They're both under $200 each. Pretty inexpensive for items that you can wear EVERY day! 

What do you think? 

Do you think I could be part of the Ice Guest Stylist Program? Ice has been partnering with bloggers, musicians, TV stars and authors, asking them  to put together their own personal selections of their fave jewelry from Ice. I think my picks stand up to theirs!  This post is actually MY ENTRY for an opportunity to be the next Ice Guest Stylist. 

Want to vote for me? (PUHLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!)

All you have to do to vote for me is to like this blog post! Easy peasy, there's even a button below it! 

Don't have Facebook? Just comment below, that will count too! 

Voting ends on 12-18-11. The blogger who gets the most votes, gets to have their pieces featured. AND if I win, I promise a great giveaway to my BTHM readers, from the ice collection!

AND ice wants you to know they love all of you- and are offering you a discount code for 20% off jewelry at Ice with coupon code FBBOC,  or by clicking HERE, starting December 5th (aka MONDAY)! The offer cannot be combined with any other offers, and is not valid for any clearance or sale items, engagement rings, watches or the Persona Charms Collection. It expires January 15, 2012. So if you don't get what you want for Christmas, you can buy yourself a New Year's present- go ahead, start a new tradition!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received a thank you gift voucher for, free of charge, for participating in this contest, from No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about ice, or their products.


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    "cowgirl stage" bracelet , very pretty.
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    Great sets- you have my vote!

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