Thursday, March 22, 2012

Book Review: Little Welsh Quilts, Made the Traditional Way by Mary Jenjins

Book Review is sorta a misnomer for this review! The book is actually an e-book on cd rom, that you can put into your computer and download the pattern pieces as you need them!

little welsh quilts cover

Synopsis: Welsh quilts are striking, with bold colours and simple shapes. They look magnificent as bed quilts but are also distinctive when scaled down to cradle size or smaller. Welsh quilts are intensively hand quilted with their traditional motifs, so making a little quilt is a great way for a beginner to start on a Welsh quilting journey. This enhanced ebook with video demonstrations presents six delightful little quilts to make, varying in style and complexity but all based on original full-sized Welsh wool quilts. If not used for a doll or cot quilt they make delightful decorations for the home, either as wall hangings or cushions, giving any home the Welsh country look. As they are so small they can be made from a few fat quarters but any precious scraps can be added in too. Together with the stitcher's choice of colours, the distinctive quilting motifs will give these little quilts their authentic Welsh identity.

Review: I had never actually heard of Welsh quilts, as a 'type' of quilt, before seeing this cd rom available for review! A traditional Welsh quilt is hand pieced, and hand quilted, and somewhat labor intensive, using traditional motifs. So consider this book a great way to start learning to hand sew an entire quilt! The author likens hand quilting to yoga- relaxing once you find your groove!

This e-book contains 6 different Welsh quilt designs. The author starts off by helping you understand selecting and choosing which fabrics and colors to use in your design, before getting into what makes a Welsh quilt a Welsh quilt. She shows you traditional ways of marking a quilt for the top quilting process (using a mixing bowl!). She also shows you, step by step, how to sandwich the quilt layers before you top quilt, and how make a butted edge on a quilt, to finish it nicely!
little welsh quilts teddy quilt

The diagrams in the book are excellent in showing you how to sew the seams fir the pieced patterns. The Teddy Bear Checkerboard quilt pattern is a must for all young kids and would be a great travel blanket. You could even use your scraps to make the 'checkers'! Whereas the Welsh Bar quilt would be a great quilt to start to learn to hand sew on, as there are only 20 pattern pieces in the top! 
little welsh quilts basket quilt

The Little Red Basket quilt would be an adorable Easter hanging, if made with Easter themed or colored fabrics! Whereas, the Plain and Fancy quilt could easily be made extra special for Mom or Grandma on Mother's day, by using a center fabric special to the recipient, like a hanky, or piece of a baby dress! 

About the Author: Mary Jenkins is the co-author of 'Making Welsh Quilts' and the author of 'House and Garden Samplers' (David & Charles). She makes her quilts using both hand and machine piecing but does all her quilting by hand and delights in researching and using the traditional Welsh quilting motifs in different ways. In this book she explains her methods, demonstrating them in video clips, which she hopes will encourage beginners.

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge, from Rainbow Disks, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it  

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