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Friday, April 6, 2012

God Thinks Your Special, Veggie Tales LIVE!

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Thanks to VeggieTales and their Ambassador Program, we were given passes to see the latest VeggieTales LIVE show, God Thinks Your Special, this past week!

It was a super surprise for Kiddo, and she couldn't wait to share the experience with her friend, Suzanne's Step-grandson to be! I had never heard of the VeggieTales until I babysat for Suzanne's boys and that was ALL they would talk about! Hard to believe that was over 15 years ago! We had a good laugh at how things have come full circle, that I was asking her to attend a live show, with my daughter, her Godchild! Yes, God has a sense of humor too!
god thinks youre special

The basic premise of the live show is that something has gone wrong at the Silly Song Warehouse: one of the beloved VeggieTales silly songs is missing!! Bob, Larry, Junior and the VeggieTales gang sttempt to solve the mystery of  who the Silly Song Swindler is, and what song was stolen, while singing and dancing to VeggieTales silly songs! 

Were the kids excited?
excited kids

That was their "we're ready to roll with the vegetables" looks. Sorta made us shake our heads and know what is in our future! LOL. Course then we caught our first sight of Bob and Larry:

bob n larry

The kids were beyond enraptured! BOB and LARRY! They stayed glued to what was happening on stage for the first half of the show, singing along with the songs.

entranced kids

They were very cute-changing places with each other, so each could see better, as we got there 35 minutes early, not realizing it was not assigned seats. Yup, no good seats left, so we were on a side row up front. They were super entranced with "God Is Bigger Than the Boogie Man", as we had recently read the book to them, and they both like the song. But most of the kids seemed more entranced with the light show on the ceiling than the performers. It seemed like only the older kids were watching the performers on stage! 

pa grape

Unfortunately, 45 minutes into the show, they take a 20 minute break. I know the performers needed the break, but 20 minutes is a LIFETIME to young kids. You could see the disconnect with all the kids under 5. Those over 5 were pretty impatient as well. This was the longest intermission I've ever had at a kids show. Which could explain why they ratchet up the second half with lots of fast music, to get the kids back. 

The second half had the kids up and dancing a whole lot. I'm not sure if it was meant to, but for our show, the kids needed something, as it was getting later, and they had had that long intermission, and they were getting HYPER. So high energy songs elicited ALOT of dancing in the aisles!
dancin kids

Then they released bubbles. Yup, bubbles. I have video, but it didn't come out great. It was like a pack of teens running toward a mosh pit at a punk concert. Seriously....The group of adults in our section were laughing hysterically at the kids. Bubbles RULED. 
Two songs later it was Walking on Sunshine. Well Kiddo ADORES 80s songs, and the VeggieTales 80s song cd is in Papa's car for rides to/from school, so she went BEYOND hyper! I swear she channeled Katrina's moves from the original video. It was EERIE. Cute, adorable and funny. But eerie!

Our kids then started swinging each other and dancing up front of the rows. It was very cute and sweet. Don't know WHERE they get it from...LOL....the kids were definitely worn out by the end of the show. By the way, an entire building of kids singing the VeggieTales theme is hilarious!

The show was adorable and the kids had a great time (with the exception of intermission). After a treat of beignets and milk at Cafe du Monde afterwards (hey we're NOLA), the kids were ready to sack out on the way home!

Kiddo and I had an interesting conversation before she went to sleep, as to whether Bob and Larry were real (and thus HUGE), or people in costumes. I deftly evaded to 'what do YOU think?" and was told "now that I'm 5, I know they're people in costume". Ah, what a difference a few days makes. HA HA. Kiddo rocked out her VeggieTales t-shirt (very reasonably priced, by the way, compared to other shows) the next day, and declared it had been a super birthday surprise!

There's only about a week and a half of the show left to tour, so check out the dates and see if it's coming to your area- your kids will thank you. If not, be on the lookout for the next live show!

In the meantime, here's a cute Easter page for you to print out for your kids to color:

Thanks to VeggieTales and the Ambassador program for a great time for all of us! VeggieTales rocks as always!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: We received these tickets, free of charge, as part of the VeggieTales Amabassadors program! No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about the show.

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