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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day- Recycled Shirt into Kid's Sack Pack

I can't claim the idea for this= I got it from Martha Stewart this week! BUT I did conveniently have all the primary items to make it, so it was perfect for an Earth Day post!

This is what her version looks like:

from MarthaStewart.com

Instead of using a button down shirt, as her instructions has, I used a t-shirt that I had bought for $1 on clearance and had been holding onto, thinking I'd make Kiddo a beach cover out of it. But I loved the soft t-shirt material for a 'beach sack', not to mention the Summery hibiscus and dragonfly!

So here's my revised instructions!

Kid's Sack Pack 1

1. Lay out shirt and cut rectangle from the size that you want to fit your child. Kiddo wanted it pretty big, to fit books AND toys (that's my girl!), so I cut it 16 1/2 inches long by 12 2.4 inches wide. Allowing for 1/4 inch seams on every side, and a 2 inch turn down on the top plackets.

So you end up with 2 rectangles.

2. I turned the 2 rectangles inside out and pinned the sides and bottom together. I marked down 2 inches from the top and repinned. For the Front placket, I folded the hem within itself, to make a sturdier layer for the button holes..The back piece I just folded down the 2 inches. 

3. I sewed both top pieces across, on seams I had made. Then I sewed the front placket down on the top sides. Then I laid it back down and repinned to the bottom piece. I then sewed the sides and bottom together, starting at 3/8th of an inch down from the top. I then went back and resewed the same 3 seams. Why? Because I know my 5 yr old- she will jam things into the pack, and I wanted strong seams!

4. Then go back and sew diagonally across the bottom corners about 3/8th of an inch in. This helps keep the bag stronger on the bottom, and what we do when making large carry bags. Trim edges around the sides and bottom, of excess fabric, and turn inside out. This is what you end up with:

Kid's Sack Pack 2

5. Take out your eyelet tool and eyelets that fir the cording you are using. in my case they were 1/4 inch ones. I put them in on the diagonal, about 1/2 inch in from the corners. Knot one end of your cord (you need to measure your child ahead of time, but should be about  1 1/2-yard-long); thread through the channel you made on the BACK piece and pull to equalize the ends. Put one end through the grommet on the back piece bottom and tie a knot on the front. Because my cord was thinner, I did a double knot for more security. Note: in the pix below, I hadn't cut the cording yet, as I was debating on making my cord shorter for Kiddo. Do the same for the other side. After you put the pack on your child, you can adjust the cord length and cut off excess.

6. Sew button holes for your 3/4 buttons, on the FRONT piece. This is where you should NOT be sewing at 930 at night, after you've been up since 430 am. My machine has an auto button holer foot/mode, but naturally my buttons were TOO big, so couldn't use it. First button hole went a little wider than I wanted, but was ok. Second button hole? My machine ATE the fabric. SIGH, I forgot to drop the feed dogs for sewing with stretch knit on button holes. DUMB DUMB DUMB. 20 minutes later, fabric is free with one small hole and a shuttlecock that refused to stay in the machine. Knowing working on this at 10pm is NOT a good idea, I gave up til the next evening.

Kid's Sack Pack 3

7. So after getting sewing machine fixed, I got the other button holes done. After cutting them open and placing buttons on the INSIDE of the rear piece, I then sewed the buttons on the rear piece. Be sure to sew extra strong as kids pull buttons! 

8. Kiddo wanted some extra BLING to her her bag, so I went back and sewed on a couple of decorative buttons, to make her happy. Note: It probably would have been easier to sew them on after I cut out the 2 squares, and before I sewed up the side seams! That's what happens with 5 yr olds get in on the design plan, after you started sewing already!

This is the almost done version- the sewing machine continued to have issues, so I didn't have time to finish the buttonholes before this tutorial was due to be posted! But you get a good idea of what it looks like!

I know you can't see the bottom due to the angle of the pix, but I will probably have to shorten the cording after she starts to use it, as I think it's too loose, but it was how she wanted it on the first try on. And yes, she wanted a longer backpack. Hopefully it will last, so it will grow with her!

Does she love it? 

Oh yeah, now that it's done, she loves the flowers and bling, and claims its PERFECT for the beach and picnics! 

The best part? Because it's t-shirt material, it folds up easily for packing on trips!

You could take the same idea and use your old t-shirts, or one of hubbys, for a quick sack to keep in the car for improptu use, or for taking on bike rides, walks, etc! They can also be a great birthday and Christmas idea! And don't forget about Mother's Day coming up!

Had I not had the machine issues, and alot of stopping to talk with Kiddo, I could have had this pack done in less than hour! The only other thing I would change is to angle the sides, so it would be smaller on the top, to fit better between the shoulders.

Hope this gave you some ideas for recycling old clothing in YOUR house!

HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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