Product Review/Giveaway: See's Old Fashioned Candies

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Ya'll know October is my favorite month, 
what with Fall, my Birthday, and 
but it really rocked this year, when a HUGE box arrived bearing the
See's Candies logo on it!

sees logo

Our family has been eating See's Candies for as long as I and my Mom can remember! I think Grandma found out that Mary See was from Canada like her, and that was that: we were a See's family! See's Old Fashioned Candies shops opened in 1921 in West Los Angeles, and started branching out almost immediately, with over 30 shops by 1936! That's pretty amazing as they survived the Depression and flourished. Which of course, just goes to show you that no matter how bad the times are, people want quality chocolates and caramels! Today the candy is sold in over 200 local and mall stores (in their classic black and white scheme), in the Western U.S., and halleluajah, online! I have very very fond memories of going into the stores with my Grandmother and Mother! You always had to stop right inside and inhale. No matter what your mood, the smell could bring a smile to your face and all was well with the world. Just call it the original aromatherapy!

For our family, seeing their white box and classic logo (which hasn't changed) always has brought smiles to our faces! They have the highest quality of dark and milk chocolates in a commercial candy company, that are still reasonably priced!

We received a variety pack of products that we all adore!
The Nut and Chews box pictured above is the one pound box, and I think it was gone in 3 days! That is just HOW good and FRESH the candy is! The caramels literally melt like butter in your mouth, the marshmallows and nougats taste like they were just made and the peanuts/almonds/walnuts just got shelled! I love that you can select milk OR dark chocolate, if you prefer. We like the mix though, so everybody is happy!

sees peanut brittle close upNow my Grandfather, he was SERIOUSLY addicted to their Peanut Brittle Oh yeah, that bag on the left is nothing but buttery peanutty goodness! It may seam like a lot, at 2 pounds, but trust me, a week, it will be gone! It is SO fresh and the taste is just downright addicting! Just look at the close up above and you'll see be wanting a piece too! Trust me when I say no other peanut brittle taste like See's. They have a proprietary blend that can not be touched, hands down! Every time I eat it, I think of my Grandfather and can't help to smile. Isn't that what candy is supposed to do? AND they have the cutest Happy Halloween cover box this year!

sees fall box
See's understands the smile factor and has some adorable hostess gift items for Fall gatherings, like Halloween and Thanksgiving! Check out this adorable Fall Harvest Box

Isn't it too cute? It has Molasses Chips *like toffee chips-very addicting), solid Milk Chocolate Balls, Scotchmallow=a chocolate covered marshmallow, a Dark Chocolate Chip Truffle, and a Milk Chocolate Butter and Butterscotch Square.  It is the perfect hostess gift, as it has something for all tastes! AND the box can be reused for storing of Fall items, or placed on the coffee table with more candy inside it!! It's like a piece of heaven!

But there is one childhood memory that I am thrilled I can give Kiddo- See's Lollipops!

sees lollipops

Oh yeah-when I was little these were THE thing! A caramel lollipop, also available in chocolate caramel?

kiddo and seeslollipopOh yeah, give me one of these sweet things and I was good for the rest of the week! I remember getting them at the holidays, encased in a little paper See's delivery truck- seeing that truck you knew you had been REALLY good! (I don't know if they still make those, I hope they do!). 

 Kiddo wasn't too sure about them at first, but then she was like "ooooh"  when she realized the Butterscotch caramel had to melt it's way off the stick into your heart!  I love that they now have new flavors like Cafe Latte(for Mom!), Vanilla and even Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Orange for the holidays! 

They are a family tradition that I am glad I got the opportunity to pass onto Kiddo!

See's Candies has something for everyone! Check out the See's Website and you'll see for yourself! Then order something, and your taste buds will thank you, just remember to inhale the smell of the chocolate when you open the box- so you can see what a piece of heaven smells like!

Want to try some of these excellent candies for yourself and your family?

How about a $25 gift card to See's?
Woo Hoo- one of you is gonna have your own
candy delight session!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products for review purposes on this blog, free of charge, from See's Candies.No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.


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