Kiki's Nation has Your Family Covered this Summer!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Kiki's Nation, via MSCO PR, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.

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The kids are bored and there's one thing that makes all kids happy- WATER.
Lots and lots of water, which means more laundry for Mom with towels used to keep the kids dry on the way home, and to keep their seats dry. But I have a solution to that problem for you today!

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grace in kikisIt all started at a swimming pool in Pleasantville, New York. After completing swim practice, Grandma Kiki wanted something dry and warm for the kids to wear for the ride back home. So she started cutting and sewing their bold-colored towels into absorbent clothing. 

"Everyone wanted a pair of what they called Kiki's," daughter Eleni recalls. "Today, what began as a family business literally born in a garage in Sleepy Hollow, is now a national line of unique apparel - towel pants, shorts, skirts and bags offered in a variety of flavors - outfitting a Kiki's Nation of kids and teens at the pool or beach.

Kiki's Nation recently sent Miss Grace a pair of their towel pants to review! Unfortunately they came in with only 1 day of swim lessons left, but they proved their worth, keep her car seat dry on the way home! She wears a 6/6x or 7 if she needs length, and these are a size Small and fit perfectly in length, just a little loose on waist, which is fine, as that would be for growing room! They are bright and colorful and she loves them!

kikis nation skirt
Miss Grace loves the deep pocket in her Kiki's Nation pants- it is perfect for storing her swim goggles in! She has also informed me she needs one of their peace sign skirts too!  Even though our pool is not that far from the house, the Kiki's products are great, as they quickly absorb a lot of the water coming off of her swimsuit, as they are of a medium weight terry, so that means LESS being tracked into the house (and on the carpet- nothing like following wet footsteps!).
kikis nation jammers
Their jammers are perfect for the boys- and would make great birthday party presents! Especially if you added a $5 bill or two to match the jammers (on the right)!

Check out Kiki's and you'll find a product that will make all the kids in your household happy! And your car won't smell like a wet seal after swim practice/lessons/trips to the pool/beach/lake this Summer, making MOM a very happy camper too!

Kiki's are available at multiple shops on the East Coast and online via the Kiki's Nation website! And be sure to join their email list for special discounts and special sales too!
AND if you enter their monthly Facebook Kikizen contest, you could win 10% off your next purchase!