Friday, November 22, 2013

Book Review: A Bordeaux Dynasty by Françoise Bourdi

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 A Bordeaux Dynasty cover

The Laverzac family gathers twice a year around its patriarch, Aurélien, on its magnificent vineyard in Bordeaux. But this particular summer, a storm of family tension starts to simmer—one that will be far more devastating than anything that could beat down on the grapes.

With the vineyard’s future at stake, Aurélien, who has dedicated his whole life to it, fights to preserve his domain by choosing his successor. Jules, the youngest of four sons, adopted thirty years earlier, seems to be the only possible candidate. He possesses all of the necessary qualities for managing the vineyard: he is charismatic, an excellent leader, and loves working the land.

But why should the adopted son inherit this colossal fortune? The vineyard is full of rumors. And Alexandre, the only son to have settled in the area, takes great offense. 

Passions flare, fueled by the rivalry between the brothers, the jealousies of the women in their lives, the demands of the land, and the hierarchy of the region where the only things that count are the grape harvest and the next vintage.

In the heart of this storm, it is up to Jules to confront the ghosts of his past and face who he is. 

Through this rich story in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, Françoise Bourdin explores the dramas that threaten the future of one family’s name and estate. 

There are so many nuances in this book, that it needs to be sipped, not gulped, if you'll pardon the wine pun! The author evolves her characters slowly, as they age we see them mature, like fine wine, and the reader changes their mind about them. Then they will do something that seems out of character, and the reader is hooked and turning pages as quickly as they can once again, to see the reasoning and outcome of the decisions the character made. There are many 'inside' quirks, that make up the characters ("you're leaving to make white wine?"- horrors to a Bordeaux maker!) personalities, yet the author shows them good and bad, and allows the reader to really understand the region, wine making, and the family. There are so many twists and turns, that you may find yourself wondering if there will be a sequel! 

If you love shows like Dallas, and books like Ken Follett,  
you'll love this family drama!

 About the Author:
Françoise Bourdin was born listening to opera. Her parents, both opera singers, helped her to develop an appreciation for strong characters and destinies, and for the music of words. As a teenager, she discovered horseback riding and it became her exclusive hobby. She dedicated her teens to this passion and to reading the works of classical authors that she discovered in her father’s huge library. Bourdin started to write short stories when she was very young. Her first novel was published by Editions Julliard when she was only twenty. Writing became the most important thing in her life and her second novel, two years later, was adapted for TV. 

Her fiction describes family stories, secrets, and passions. She values brave characters who face life boldly and never give up when confronted with adversity. Since 1994, she has written thirty books, three of which have been adapted for television. Her readership continues to grow with each novel.

Bourdin has two daughters and lives in a beautiful home in Normandy. She writes every day, always with the same pleasure, the most beautifully human and moving stories. She knows how to express our deepest emotions and to write stories that resemble our own lives.

Check out this wonderful interview with Bourdin!


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