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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight Dryer is THE Gift to Give this Holiday Season!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Cricket, via Dana Quinn PR, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.

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Before you head off to do you Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Christmas shopping tomorrow, I wanted to share with you what I feel needs to be at the top of every gift list this year: the  Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight Dryer!

Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight Dryer

I know, "a hair dryer?" you said.

But this is MUCH more than JUST a hair dryer!

This baby is a PROFESSIONAL, speedy hairdryer,  that’s half the weight of the standard dryer - only 1.6 lbs with nearly TWICE the power. Think about that for a minute- easier to hold and you can finish in half the time. Getting an extra 15-20 minutes of sleep is sounding pretty good right about now, isn't it?


The Q-Zone Lightweight  really DOES dry hair in nearly HALF the time as its competition, with help from the ceramic tourmaline ionic that work quickly and efficiently to get the job done. It was designed from it's very core to be different, and BETTER. Check it out: 

The Centrix Q-Zone's Ionic Generator Technology takes a natural occurring phenomenon, that occurs when hair is wet, and breaks up the water molecules, allowing the smaller water droplets to penetrate the outer layer of the hair shaft. The result is healthier looking hair, full of body and shine, while reducing static electricity, which helps to reduce frizz, which we can ALL agree is a good thing!

Check out my pictures of Miss Grace:

This is literally 4 MINUTES of blow drying:

hair results #1

Can you tell it is ALMOST perfectly dry?

And this is all done, 3 minutes later!

hair results #2

You can see the body and shine it gives her hair! It is also SUPER soft and silky! An additional plus! AND I have found that when I use this dryer on her hair, she tends to wake up the next day with LESS tangles. Any parent will rejoice at hearing THAT!

Now I did use the Q-Zone Power Booster 2 attachment on the dryer, while drying her hair (it will be the round cone in the picture below of the hair dryer). You use it to increase air flow speed up to an additional 50 mph. Did I just say 50? Yup- that is why I can dry Miss Grace's hair in less than half the time it normally takes! And because it is SO quiet,, there is WAY less squirming and screaming about the loudness! Which makes both of us VERY happy! 

no noise logo

HOW INSANELY QUIET is the Centrix Q-Zone?

Because I knew you wouldn't believe me, I did a sound test, with an actual decibel reader 
(perks of the job) for you! 

(Both tests ran on Hottest /Fastest Speed for each dryer)

dryer test #1

FYI-80 decibels is what you hear when your phone rings, when you use your electric shaver, or you're sitting inside your car in traffic or a noisy office.

Now let's compare my OLD hair dryer (ie I've had it about 10 years!)

dryer test #2

Now the 118 is on the lower side of the readings, as it is very hard to balance the dryer and the decibel reader AND try to take a picture one handed! It actually went up to 125 once it really got going!

115 decibels is a loud rock concert or sand blasting, 120 is thunder or and 125 decibels is where pain to your ear begins! No WONDER the kid hates the old blow dryer!

Which of course let me to thinking just HOW loud was the one I had growing up?

Additional benefits of the superb hair dryer:
  • Ergonomically Designedutilizing the custom universal switch plate for both right and left handed stylists. 
  • Cold Shot Dual Position Button- allows activation from handle or barrel grip. 
  • Accessory Set- the hair dryer comes with a Diffuser, Concentrator and Straightening Pick attachments, to meet whatever hair need you have! .
  • Three custom heat and speed settings- get the right amount of heat EVERY time!

The Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight Dryer may be on the pricey side, but if you're like me and keep a hair dryer for over 10 years, that means it will only cost you about $16 a year! And for ALL it's benefits, and being able to get a salon quality dry at home with EASE, and getting to sleep in those extra 15 minutes (think how much more time you could sleep in one month alone!), it is well worth it! We can't recommend it highly enough- it in on our Top 3 Must Haves for the Year List!
and if you buy it for yourself (ahem)
be sure to pick up one of Centrix's Amped Up Sparkle teasing Brushes too!

Amped Up Sparkle Teasing Brush

Special for the holiday season, the Amped Up Sparkle Teasing Brush has a sparkly exterior to brighten up your morning! The boar/nylon mixed level bristles help to create various degrees of volume and style, for all those wonderful holiday hair styles! And at only $5, they make a great stocking stuffer for anyone on your list too!

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