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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween May Be Over, But the Creepy Crawlies are STILL Out There and Orkin Knows ALL About Them! #BugOut

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Orkin Ecologist for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Halloween- we expect bats and spiders, and we try to forget about the creepy, crawly insects that we know lurk around outside (and possibly insider) our homes. Now that Halloween is over and winter is upon us, you may soon be seeing them more than you want to!

If you live in the Deep South, there is one creepy crawlie that can make even grown men flinch- known as the Palmetto Bug, it's really the American Cockroach.


Courtesy of WIkipedia Commons/Public Domain

Sounds (and sorta looks) innoculous, until you realize they can be as long as 4 inches long, and FLY? Oh, I know the Orkin scientists say 2 inches, but let me tell you, I've SEEN these NOLA crawlies in action!  I once saw my cousin kill one with her shoe and her shoe was double the size of it. Yup, you do the math- that was NOT no 2 inch creepy crawlie! And the stupid things are attracted TO light, So when you open the door and turn on a light, they fly AT the light, which might just be BY you! Talk about flinching and screaming! AND they are FAST- they've been known to run 3.4 mph, which is comparable to a human running 210 mph. Oh yeah, I HATE them....UGH...

Some people fear them, but at Orkin, they study the creepy crawlies, aka world’s scariest bugs

Orkin knows the best way to control pests is to learn as much as they can about them-both the bad and the good. They’ve been studying bugs for 100 years- did you know that? I didn't! They even have scientists on their staff to better know the pests, inside and out! That way they can take any new insights and apply them to their pest control applications! And after 100 years, they apparently are fascinated by the buggers too, as they created a new site called  “The Ecologist”, to celebrate the science and uniqueness of bugs! You can say ewwww now, it's ok! It's great for those wanting to find out about certain bug(s), or for the young future scientist to learn more about the insect world around them! It's also great for homeschoolers.

Be sure to follow Orkin on Facebook, Pinterest (be sure to pin from their board using hashtag #BugOut) and Twitter, for more news about special items on The Ecologist site!

Do you have a scary #BugOut moment? What is the scariest bug you’ve ever seen?

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  1. I can't stand bugs yuck, thank goodness there are companies like Orkin to keep they at bay.


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