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Mrs. Smith's Can Make Your Holiday Warn and Inviting! (Product Review and Giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Mrs. Smith's, via Schwan's, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.

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If you're like our family, we don't always have time to bake homemade pies, especially around the holidays, when you want 3/4 different types of pies for all your guests! 

Luckily for 3 generations, we have had a great resource to turn to to help make our holiday cooking easier:

mrs smiths logo

Yup, the 'frozen pie" people! Did you know Mrs.. Smith's has been around since the 1930s, and available nationwide since the late 50's? 

Yes indeedy! And the great taste, made with quality ingredients has not changed!

butter crust pie

And now, MrsSmith’s Original Flaky Crust Pies, made with Real Butter!

Inspired by the original founder's recipes, the pies are now being made with real butter for the flakiest crusts EVER! Meaning, they taste JUST like home made! Yup, extactly what you want during the holiday season, and let's admit, who hasn't baked a frozen pie, slid it out of it's container and into your own pie plate, and passed it off as homemade? You know you have!

MrsSmith’s Original Flaky Crust offers a warm welcome of delicious aromas and has 0 grams of trans fat per serving. It comes in six flavors — Apple, Dutch Apple, Cherry, Peach, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato – all the flavors you want on your holiday table!. And the new pies are available nationwide, with a suggested retail price of $6.99.You can find your locale retailer by checking out the Mrs. Smith's product locator page! And check for upcoming specials, on their Twitter page too!

apple crumb pie mrs smiths

Did I just get your attention? LOL

We tried out one of the new Dutch Apple pies recently and WOW talk about a flaky crust! With pies tasting THIS good, who needs to bake them anymore? It is SO much easier to pull it out of the freezer, and have such great homemade goodness, any time of the year, not just at the holidays! Miss Grace has been known to crave an apple pie in the middle of the week, so having them quick and easy makes life easier on me!

Mrs. Smith's also has Deep Dish Pies, Cobblers and Ready to Fill Pie Crusts, to meet all your baking needs.

butter you up mrs smiths

A survey from the makers of MrsSmith’s pies called “The Butter Up Report” reveals that nearly six in 10 Americans admit they would do something to butter someone up for the holiday season, primarily to spread holiday cheer or set a good example for others. And more than three in four people (77%) say they have buttered someone up by being extra nice before asking for something. 

Now through December 10th, you can enter the Mrs. Smith's Butter Me Up Facebook Giveaway  too, and enter to win one of the “Pies and Pies Dishes” Prize Packs , “Pies and Pies Servers” Prize Packs , or a “Pies and Starbucks Gift Card” Prize Packs! AND you can enter DAILY! that's almost 30 days to enter!
Can you say SWEET?

And to help butter you up some more,
how about one lucky BTHM reader winning not one, but 2 FREE Mrs. Smith's pies?

You can keep one, and use the other one to 'butter' somebody up, 
or just make their Wednesday extra special!

Ready to enter?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

But HURRY, as this giveaway is running for long,
so the winner can have their coupons before the holidays!

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  1. I want to try the Original Flaky Crust Dutch Apple Pie

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  6. I'd love to try the Original Flaky Crust Cherry Pie.

  7. I would like to try the Original Flaky Crust Cherry Pie

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  13. I want to try the Original Flaky Crust Cherry Pie

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    Thanks for this giveaway.

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  25. I want to try the Original Flaky Crust Pumpkin Pie

  26. I want to try the Original Flaky Crust Pumpkin Pie.

  27. I want to try the Original Flaky Crust Cherry Pie


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