Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Review: Doyle on Death by John Shirley

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Looking for a different kind of book for the book lover for the holidays?

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I have one for you! Especially if the reader LOVES Arthur Conan Doyle stories! 

 Doyle on Death cover

When Nicholas Fogg, an unsuccessful private investigator, dies on the job he learns that the afterlife is not what he expected. Disappointed, but not too surprised to find himself in the very dead town of Garden Rest, he befriends the famous Arthur Conan Doyle to crack a case from beyond the grave and solve the ultimate riddle: Is it possible to be murdered if you are already dead?  


This is one of those books that you read SLOWLY, to savor the ambiance, the asides and the literary references! The book is also quirky and funny, and yet, so descriptive, you can't help but to be totally entranced, as if the author has really taken you to a different plane! Yet, the mystery is so good, it will keep you guessing til the end!

As creative as the author is, there is no surprise at how well he made Garden's Rest and the afterlife! I'm not going to spoil the end, and answer the question from the synopsis! This is a book you'll want to read to find out! It is unlike Shirley's previous works (like Cellar), which can lead to nightmares when read late at night, so if you've read any of his previous books and were wondering, it's almost an opposite of his normal writing style! This is a wonderful story though, and one that will have you thinking about life after death and other planes, long after you finish reading it!

About the Author

John Shirley is an award-winning author (with more than 20 books to his credit) , screenwriter (the Crow) , television writer, and songwriter (he's written lyrics for Blue Öyster Cult and others.). He lives in California. Check out his website for further.

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