Saturday, December 21, 2013

Book Review: The Norfolk Mystery by Ian Sansome

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 Looking for a classic who dun it, to add to the ereader you're giving for Christmas? 

 I've got a great one for you today

The Norfolk Mystery cover

It is 1937, and disillusioned Spanish Civil War veteran Stephen Sefton is broke. 

So when he sees a mysterious advertisement for a job where "intelligence is essential," he eagerly applies. 

Thus begins Sefton's association with Professor Swanton Morley, an omnivorous intellect. Morley's latest project is a history of traditional England, with a guide to every county. They start in Norfolk, but when the vicar of Blakeney is found hanging from his church's bell rope, Morley and Sefton find themselves drawn into a rather more fiendish plot. 

Did the reverend really take his own life, or is there something darker afoot?

As a huge fan of Agatha Christie's classic who-dun-its, I knew I had to read this historically set mystery! And I'm glad I did! I've read some of Ian's books before, so I was already familiar with his writing style. Possibly because this book is set in 1937, he paced it slower in the beginning (which slowed me from finishing it in one siting), but soon enough it finds the right grove and you'll be hooked! Morley reminds me of Sherlock Holmes with his intelligence, and Sefton like Watson, knows more than he lets on. The pair make a great crime solving duo and it will be interesting to see what their next mystery is!

About the Author:
Ian Sansom is the author of the popular Mobile Library Mystery Series. He is also a frequent contributor and critic for The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The London Review of Books, and The Spectator.
He is a regular broadcaster on BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4.

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