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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Children's Book Review and Giveaway: My Friend Jesus by Kathryn Slattery, Illus by Alida Massari

I have a lovely book for you today, that would make a lovely Christmas present


Jesus can be your friend and Savior. 
All Christian parents want their children to come to a relationship with Jesus. My Friend Jesus is written in fresh, clear language that children can understand and is appropriate for all denominations. The book not only tells the gospel story about Jesus, but also, in the most natural, gentle way, introduces children to a personal relationship with Him. A prayer at the end of the book guides children into that life-changing friendship with Jesus. This is the book author Kathryn Slattery wishes she had when her own children were young—which is the reason she wrote it! 
Originally published as The Gospel for Kids, this book sold more than 100,000 copies. This new book will feature beautiful new art and lightly edited text. 
You can flip thru the book online, to check it out!


This book is aimed at children ages 5-10, and is gorgeously illustrated! It has a lovely gift page, for you to fill out for the recipient as well. The author takes the basics of the gospels and brings the story into terminology that kids can understand easier, and into a story that makes more sense to them. If your child knows their bible stories, they will stop you and relate that applicable story to you (as Miss Grace did), or you can use this book as a wonderful way to introduce the actual bible passages to your child! The book is about God's love, and how he shared it through Jesus with us all, and that is something that children can easily relate to!
We highly recommend this book as a gift item, this Christmas season! 

About the Author

Kathryn Slattery is a longtime contributing editor for Guideposts and the author of several books, including If I Could Ask God Anything, Heart Songs, Lost & Found, Grandma I’ll Miss You, The Gospel for Kids, and The Grace to Grow. Her writing has also appeared in such publications as Today’s Christian Woman andAngels on Earth. Kathryn and her husband are parents of two grown children.

About the Illustrator
Alida Massari is an Italian artist specialising in illustration for children including picture books and other children’s publishing. Alida likes to work with acrylic colours, collage and watercolour when creating her illustrations. She loves books and finding solutions for her stories. When she starts a new book she tries to aim to transmit new emotions through her drawing. 

Want to win this book for your favorite child?

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  1. When things get tough I show him how to turn to Jesus for aid!

  2. This book would really help me talk to my son about Jesus more. He is only 4 so I haven't talked to him too much about Jesus but I know I need to do and say more.

  3. We try to talk about how God has answered their prayers and what He has done that day to show his love

  4. We talk about Jesus' miracles and discuss the selfless way he spent his time on Earth.

  5. I show to my Kids how Jesus works in my life by my actions and Love for all.


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