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Friday, December 6, 2013

Hello Santa App Gives YOUR Child Face Time with Santa LIVE! (Discount code)

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Tis the season for the Jolly ol' Guy- are you ready?

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Hello Santa is a new iPhone/iPad app that finally allows kids ACTUAL LIVE face time with Santa!

That's right- no pre-recorded video for your tech savvy kid, now your kid that loves to face-time with Grandma and Grandpa, can do the same with Santa and have all his questions answered (as long as you 'prep' Santa beforehand, Santa can greet your child by name during the call, really making your child believe he's talking to the REAL Santa!).

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For those of you living in rural areas, who might not have the time to get to the mall to have the annual Santa picture taken, this can be a super opportunity, as your child's face time with Santa is recorded, and you are sent a copy of the video, as part of the service. Talk about a memory in the making! Can you imagine pulling up that video for your child's fiancee to see on their first Christmas together? Yup- priceless indeed!

Best part- no waiting in line, no rushing as there are 50 kids in line, no fighting the mall crowds to find a parking spot, trying to keep the kid clean and neat til the photo is taken. Your child can be comfortable in their own home and meet Santa on their own turf, so to speak! AND best part- there is NO time limit, so if your kid freeze's up, it's ok, you can assist in getting them to open up naturally and not in a rush! For the kid who freaks out sitting on Santa's lap, this new app could be the perfect solution to not hearing the screaming banshee this year!

Check out the trailer to see how it works:

Don't have an iPhone/iPad?

While the app is available on iPhone and iPad, the call can be made from your Mac or PC, if you don't have access to either app platform, as long as you have a video camera installed on your computer for the face time (like your would for a Skype call)..

hello santa app screen shot 1And if you're wondering about Santa, and how come he looks familiar- it's because he's actor Ed Taylor! Taylor has appeared in numerous parades, advertisements, TV shows and even played Santa for Mattel!  He definitely looks the part with his real beard too!

Now how about the best part?

A discount code! 

You can use the promo code "JOLLY" for $5 off your first call with Santa!

The call AND video recording are $14.99, but keep in mind if you go get a picture at the mall with Santa, you're paying at least $20 for only 1-5 photos. With this app you get LIVE time with Santa AND the video recording! And with the $5 discount, it's a even better deal! Also, once the call is over, you can share your special moment with friends and family on Facebook & Twitter, or over email and SMS.!

hello santa app screen shot 2
You can tap the ‘Call Santa Now’ button to start a live video call with Santa instantly, if you want to forgo the Santa prep, or you can either schedule a call for a specific date/time (Santa's hours are between 8 AM and 8 PM Pacific)

If you'd like to schedule a call outside of those hours, you can contact Hello Santa.to see if that can be arranged too! 

As you can see in the picture, the app has everything laid out where even a parent can find it (LOL). 

Think about what a great gift idea this could be for the child visiting relatives over the holiday season and 'bored'. Talk about making their visit extra special! You can purchase a 'Santa gift card' to give to a child too! It is sent via email, so your recipient can use it immediately! Great for Grandmas and Grandpas to send to the grand kids that are far away!

So what do you think? Ready to check it out- don't for get to use your discount code!

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FYI- Future Apps from Make Believe Labs?
At “Make Believe Labs”, their vision extends beyond the Christmas holiday season: “The plan is for Make Believe Labs to use the platform – scheduling, calling, recording, etc. – with other characters, as well as license the platform to companies that want to create one-on-one connections between their characters and their audiences,” says Dorien Collier, CEO. So stay tuned, there may be a call to the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny in your future!

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