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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Refresh Your House Before Company Arrives this Holiday Season!

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Oh oh- did you hear that sound?

Yup, company's comin'!

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Is your house ready? 
Are you looking at your furniture and shaking your head  "no, no, no"?

I have a quick and easy solution for you- no, not cover everything up in holiday blankets
 and bric a brac, silly!

Just look below:

slipcovers before and after

Are you nodding your head and saying "Yup, that's my sofa on the left"?

I have the easiest, no-clean solution you've ever seen- Custom Slipcovers, made in a WEEK, to YOUR specifications. Astounded yet?

Custom Slipcovers Now offers customers the chance to buy made-to-order slipcovers for all sorts of furniture- sofas, chairs, dining room chairs, ottomans, daybed covers, even sectional pieces (including recliners!)! They are a name you can trust, having been in business since 1983! You can even get slipcovers just for the cushions for your sofas or chairs, if that is all you need! They even have custom arm covers for your sofa, love seat or chairs, if that is all that they need!

custom slipcovers now chair cover

Best part yet?

You aren't limited to a set amount of colors or fabrics- Custom Slipcovers Now offers 290 choices alone for sofa covers. Yes, I said 290 fabric/color choices. Did your mind just reel with the possibilities of changing out the sofa by season? Mine did, when I saw ALL the possibilities! You can even get FREE fabric samples, so you know for sure what you are buying, how great is that? And many of the fabrics are washable- even better, right? Check out some of my favorites: 

custom slipcovers now fabric choice samples

They even have a sports themed fabric for a boys daybed cover! Trust me, they have at least 6 fabrics you will FALL for! And at prices starting at under $100 for a CUSTOM slipcover, you can't go wrong! You'd spend $100 for a slip cover and the local furniture easy for a chair, forget about for a sofa! But customized with a separate ZIP cover for the cushion(s), you might as well say $200. But with this new online service, you get the fabric, style and sizing YOU want and need- not what some designer thinks you should be limited to, mailed directly to your house, no schlepping it around a store, around the mall and in your car! They even walk you through the ordering process with downloadable worksheets to write all the measurements you need on, BEFORE you order, ensuring a truly custom fit, to make your furniture look brand new! You can also call and they can talk you through the measuring!

With slipcovers you can change the look of your room in less than 15 minutes, and have it company ready with ease! No worrying about having your furniture custom cleaned, or wondering if you need new furniture. Let's face it, older furniture IS better made and made to last, so why not help it, by refreshing it with a slipcover.

Best part? Your company will thing you bought new furniture!

So if you want to change your decor simply and easily BEFORE company comes this holiday season- think about Custom Slipcovers Now, now!

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  1. Who is crazy enough to have a white couch LOL. That would be a recipe for disaster for me. This sounds like a great place to shop for slipcovers.


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