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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Vote for Jambalaya Pasta!

Remember last month I was entered into the Luxury Pasta Pasta Recipe Contest?

Well the bad news is I didn't win...BUMMER...........

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But the good news is that Stacey over at the Adventures of Piglet Scooter is participating in this month's recipe contest!

So head on over and vote for her Jambalaya Pasta and you might still win that $250 groery card!

jambalaya pasta

Remember you can vte every day, AND you get extra points in all the new December giveaways if you vote! For those that are from November and still running, I'll allow the extra points, if you comment with you voted  (and shared) in the December contest instead! 

So head on over to HERE and vote!

We thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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