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YES< It's THAT Time of the Year- Is Weight Watchers For You?

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Yup- it's THAT time of the year!

You're all into the holiday baking (and eating), those big bulky sweaters and 10 layers to keep warm, cover a WHOLE lot, but you know what is ONLY 2 weeks away....

no sweets


Le new year, when we all look in the mirror and scream, and swear to be on a diet and exercise plan the next day. Not always a good idea to go unchartered is it? 

SO in the next few weeks, I'll be bringing you more than holiday cheer (and good food), I'll be bringing you some ideas for HEALTHY eating and dieting!

Today's example 

Phuong’s Weight Watchers Journey

phuong infographic

That photo is impressive, but way til you her her story!

Phuong is not your typical 24 year old, as she was diagnosed with breast cancer at quite a 
young age. Like most women diagnosed with breast cancer, she underwent chemotherapy 
and radiation. If you know anything about chemotherapy and radiation, you know that 
they take their toll on the body, and bring unwanted side effects. Phuong was no longer the 
young, energetic, thin woman that she was before being diagnosed with breast cancer, and she 
quickly put on weight during her battle.

Phuong had beaten the breast cancer in her body with the help of her doctors, family and 
friends,  but felt as though she had still lost something: her confidence. In high school, Phuong 
was the girl who could eat anything she desired and not gain a pound. Her high energy and 
fast metabolism had been the secret to her great body. But, throughout her cancer ordeal she gained 25 
pounds. Things got worse after her relationship of eight years came to an end. More weight 
crept on, and now she knew it was time for a new beginning. 

Phuong, like a lot of us women, works behind a desk, which means she is frequently not active. She 
knew that she would not be able to make Weight Watchers meetings, and decided that the 
Weight Watchers online program would be the best fit for her, after researching different diet plans, so she joined the online program. 

If you aren't familiar with how the Weight Watchers program works, there are basically two options. 
You can either attend the famous Meetings, in your area, where you weigh-in confidentially and 
receive support and guidance, from people just like you, or you do the plan totally online at your own pace with access to tools and apps ( has coupons for and information about both Meetings and Online Weight Watchers).

Phuong absolutely loved being online and meeting new people, through the online support system, while also doing what she could to lose weight. She made new friends through the different social networks, was an avid user of the online food tracker, and the recipe builder which transforms normal recipes into healthier versions. 

“I realized I was not eating healthy at all”

The first thing that Phuong understood clearly was once she joined WW Online was that she had to change her terrible eating choices and focus on healthier food- the first step is ALWAYS the hardest (especially after the holidays!). The thing that Phuong loved most about Weight Watchers was she could still eat everything that her friends ate just in a smaller portion. She did not have to cut sweets, fried foods, or exercise for hours each day. 

Instead, she ate the same foods she loved in smaller portions and exercised in moderation. In the beginning, she was not used to working out as fighting breast cancer had taken a lot out of her and drained her energy. She was determined to lose that weight, though, and finally made the initiative to do it. She couldn’t be happier that she did. 

Forty-Nine Pounds Lighter

Weight Watchers can work for any woman who has the motivation to lose weight; not only to be thinner, but to be healthier. Like Phuong, I am sure that plenty of you feel that you just do  not have time to go to meetings or workout for hours on end,  but if Phuong can do it, you can do it, too. She has so far lost 49 pounds and is not stopping there. Her motivation level is off the charts and she is ready to take on the world. She recently went skydiving in Hawaii and feels she can accomplish anything in life.

Weight Watchers changed her life, and if you give it a chance, I am confident that it will change 
yours, too. We've had many friends and family members use it with great success. And because it teaches you healthy eating patterns, it can help you keep the weight off too! All you need is motivation, determination, and self-control and you are on your way to fulfilling your weight loss dreams. 

Do not lose hope and do not discourage yourself because if you are making the change, you are doing all that you can!

So head on over and check out the Weight Watchers plans,
 and see if one is right for you and YOUR goals

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