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Book Review: The Women of Duck Commander by Beth Clark and the Robertson wives (recipe weekend)

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Surprising Insights from the Women Behind the Beards About What Makes This Family Work  

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Matriarch Miss Kay, Korie, Missy, Jessica, and Lisa Robertson speak out in this insightful book about their roles in the crazy Robertson family and the core values that make this family work.
Fans of Duck Dynasty already know that the women behind the men with the beards know their own minds and know how and when to speak out to their men. But this insightful book will give readers a look into what goes on behind the scenes and the real character and spunk of the women who love these bearded men. In this delightful book, readers will find that the Duck Commander women have real depth and character and, in addition to being the perfect companions for the Duckmen, are strong women of substance in their own rights.

In each section of this book, our leading ladies share their hearts and their thoughts on the spiritual foundation that guides their lives as well as some of the difficulties and challenges they have faced in a chapter titled “’Happily Ever After’ Sometimes Takes a While.” They share about how each one became a Robertson and challenge myths about their motives for marriage into this family. The wives of these beloved men share precious stories about their love for Phil and Kay—with chapters titled “Oh, Kay!” and “Getting Our Phil”—as well as the core values that govern their lives. You’ll learn about all their children, their own parents and grandparents and what made them the women they are today.

We watch the show and the wives are in the show, but you don't get to see much about their home lives, away from Duck Commander, as husband and wife, sans the kids, do you? This book steps in and brings all the wives together and allows them to talk about their marriages, the show and raising their kids in a Christian way. You may think you know about the Robertsons, but I can make a sure bet, that after reading this book, you will say, "I didn't know that"!  Clark asks all the wives the same questions and allows them to provide their full answers. To me it was interesting to see the differences in each relationship, and how Phil and Kay's upbringing of the boys was different, based on where they were in the lives. You can tell that it was an influence on the Robertson men differently, and how it still affects them today. When you read this book, you look at the show very differently. For those that say they family is just rolling in the money and doesn't care, this book will change your mind, and see how they are actually perfect examples of  the traditional 'American way' of success. The book shares the good, the bad, and how each family succeeded, and together built an empire. But most importantly, the women all come off as people you would like if you met them, and not really that much different from any other Christian wife and mother, helping to run a family business. And that is the success of the show- they are as they are, take it or leave it. While the wives may be "yuppie" as Phil says, this book proves how traditional and Southern they are. Even if you're not a fan of the show, this book is great for some advice of raising a Christian family in modern times! We highly recommend it!

How about a recipe from the book?

Miss Kay's Biscuits

2 cups Pioneer Original Biscuit and Baking Mix (you can use Bisquick if you can't find Pioneer)
  plus a little extra for rolling out dough
1 cp sour cream
1/2 cp sprite or 7-up
1 stick butter

cast iron skillet or cake pan

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees
2. Mix all ingredients, except butter, with a pie blender (pastry blenders).
3. Pour a little biscuit mix on wax paper, and then put a cup of the prepared dough in the middle of the biscuit mix, and form a ball out of it, and then pat it down, so that you can cut the biscuits with a glass (or biscuit cutter if you prefer).
4. Cut just enough biscuits to fit a skillet ot cake pan (cast iron skillet works best)
5. Melt the stick of butter in the skillet (or cake pan), then roll the biscuits in the butter, and place them in the pan.
6. bake biscuits in oven until brown.

About the Authors: 
Beth Clark is a writer and publishing consultant who has ghostwritten four top-ten New York Times bestsellers. She runs a business called Thinkspot Communications in the rolling hills of Franklin, Tennessee.

Kay Robertson is the revered matriarch of the Robertson family and star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty®. Kay believes her cooking talents are a gift she must share, so she often ends up feeding all of the family and most of the neighborhood. Her most famous dishes are banana pudding, fried deer steak, crawfish pie, and sticky frog legs.

Korie Robertson is a art education major living in West Monroe, Louisiana. She and her husband star on A&E’s Duck Dynasty, and own and operate Duck Commander, a family operated business that creates products for duck hunters including duck calls, clothes, and videos. They also own and operate Buck Commander that creates product for deer hunters. Korie is also involved in her local church teaching Bible classes to children and working in the church's summer camp program. She has four children plus one daughter who came as an exchange student from Taiwan, but never returned home.

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