Friday, January 31, 2014

Covermate to the Rescue this Weekend (and Every Day!)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from CoverMate, via Rosica PR, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.

Remember those days when plastic food covers where the equivalent of large shower caps?

The times have changed my friends- technology has fixed the many problems and there is a new product in town: 
covermate logo
CoverMate food covers are reusable, microwavable and dishwasher safe (top shelf only) material allows food to easily go from table to fridge to microwave. They are BPA and PVC free, so they are safe to use! Available in four different sizes, from 2 inches to 19 inches (depends on the cover size) , the stretch-to-fit covers seamlessly fit any shape or sized serving dish- from an open aluminum can to large platters of food. The reusability of this product saves countless dollars that are literally thrown away each year on one-time use foil or plastic wrap alternatives.

A heat-sealed edge provides a tight hygienic seal to keep food fresh. They work by keeping in moisture, and keeping food from drying out, keeping it fresh! By restricting the amount of oxygen around a food item, they can also delay the ripening process, when fruit or vegetables are covered! 

The covers are made from a clear poly material, that is twice as tough as typical cling wrap, making them easy to see through. Each cover has four built-in corners that expand as necessary to fit any shape- they are actually square, not round in shape! These tiny corner vents allow steam to escape when the cover is used in a microwave for heating and defrosting. Just imagine, no food splatter in your microwave! I know you just cheered about that.

covermates 10 pack

We were sent the 10 pack of CoverMate covers to check out! The pack has 2 extra large covers, 4 large covers, 4 medium covers and 1 can cover (aka small size)! This is a super pack to have on hand- it's perfect for covering large casserole dishes, serving bowls, and open bottles- ie everything you would have on a super buffet this weekend! We also found that the covers are handy for when you need to store items in the fridge and the lids won't fit:

(ignore the ugly pot- it needs a serious scrubbing)

pot before covermate

After using a CoverMate:

pot after covermate

Wa-lah, problem SOLVED! No high lid needed, and the pot fit perfectly in the spot I had open in the fridge. Admit it, this has happened more times than you can admit! I used a large cover and probably could have used a medium (and not gone over pot handles), but wasn't sure on the amount of stretch, and it was the first one I pulled out of the bag (and I was in a hurry). 

covermates 8 pack

CoverMate covers also come in a smaller multi-pack. The 8 pack has 3 large, 4 medium, and 1 small cover (aka the can cover). All the covers are color coded on the elastic, so you know when you pull them out of their re-sealable pack what size you are getting! They are SO easy to use, they save you money and help you keep your promise to be more green!

football game buffet

CoverMate covers can help you make your football party a success this weekend by:

  • Allowing for easy cleanup of leftovers by moving them straight from the table to the refrigerator after the fans have gone!
  • Letting you cover open beverage cans and salsa jars to keep contents off of the floor, during the game’s most exciting moments!
  • Helping to keep contents in place even while transporting food to a friend’s party by taking advantage of CoverMate’s stretch to fit and secure design!
  • Making your buffet a success by keeping your queso fresher, and guacamole greener, by keeping out excess oxygen, and help to keep them looking like you just put them out! 
  • Allowing your guests easy access to foods- no worry about heavy lids, or hot lids, and nowhere to put them on the table!
  • Letting you make a plate for the guest who is running late, to be sure they get some of all the yummy food!

Check the CoverMate website to find a retailer in your area! And then get their 50 cent off coupon to use when you go buy your pack!

And don't forget to check out the CoverMate Facebook page and enter to win a $250 grocery spree!

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