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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pinterest Fail or No Fail: Rehab Doll Hair!

pinterest fail or no fail button

It's been awhile since we've had a Fail/No Fail post!

This past weekend I spent 2 hours earning my 'Mom of the Year' award entry by rehabing the 'twins' hair, courtesy of a recent Pinterest link I'd found!

Now for those of you who didn't read the pre-Christmas posts, you're wondering about 'the twins'. Right?

That would be Hermione, Miss Grace's Madame Alexander doll-
(here's her during picture, but you can see how bad it was):

hermione before

her Our Generation doll, Lacey
(here's her before picture)

lacey before

She calls them her 'twins' as a) they look alike, with same colored hair, and b)she got them within 2 days of each other, in the weird quick of blogging review items coming in, and Grandma shopping for her.

Anyhoo, like all 5-6 yr olds, she had started brushing and combing their hair, messing with clips and ponytails, and dragging them around and the result was the hair you see above!

A quick perusal of Pinterest brought a possible solution:

thriving mommy pinterest tip

ThrivingMommy solution to fixing doll hair?
(this is also good for Barbies!)

1/2 cap Downey to 4 cups water.
Yup, as simple as that!

She dunked her doll's head into a pitcher of the solution, but as the Madame is on the expensive side, I went to plan B: I made half of the solution and put it in a spray bottle, so I could keep it OFF of the roots, and avoid loosening the glue that holds the hair in!

How well did it work?

Hermione is looking BRAND NEW!

hermione after

and Lacey even had her curl come back, without me having to curl it!
Miss Grace wanted some braids, so she got a couple of Swedish braids!

lacey after

Lacey did loose some hair, as expected some of those knots were beyond combing out, and had to be cut. Hermione only lost one, and it was at the end, whew! Hermione's took about 40 minutes, whereas Lacey's was about 75 minutes, as I had to take 2 breaks from hand cramping! BUT the result was well worth it. And yes, the kid had to promise to ONLY use the right brushes/combs on her hair and NOT to let them get that way again!

If you had a Barbie doll, it would be easier to dunk the head. The hair needs to be really saturated, so let it soak at least 5 minutes if not so bad, to 20 minutes or so, if really bad. The hair ends up super soft, great smelling and so far seems to be resisting getting so easily tangled. I stored my leftover solution back in the spray bottle, marked it, and put it up for when a quick spritz is needed!

Our final call for this Pinterest hack:

no fail button

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  1. That turned out great! What an awesome way to "renew" a doll! Thanks for the info.


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