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Monday, February 17, 2014

America's Farmers- an American Tradition We Can and SHOULD Support!

This post was created in partnership with America's Farmers. All opinions are my own.

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With all the controversy surrounding what goes into our packaged foods, there is one segment of the 'farm to shelf' process that sometimes gets left out- the America's Farmers and their families, without whose hard work and dedication year to year, would leave us without the foods we count on for easy meals and snacks!

In our modern world, most of us can't grow/harvest/raise most of the food that we eat, as our ancestors did, even just 100 years ago. We count on farmers, many of whom, are working farms passed down to them from 4-5 generations, to bring us the produce and fruits that we enjoy fresh, and to supply the needed ingredients for our processed foods.

boyds family

Take for example, the Boyd family of Sylvania, GA. Will and Ben Boyd maintain their fifth-generation farm with their dad Olin, and even Will's young kids love to feel the soil in their hands! Their farm has everything from cotton and peanuts to vegetables, and they also raise cattle. By having a diverse crop and livestock base, they are kept busy year round. Like many of our local farmers, farming isn't just a job to the Boyds- it is their WAY of life. (Check out a recent Valentine's Day Facebook post,  to see what the families, and others love about farming!)

boyds son

They are also active in their local Farm Bureau and Future Farmer boards and organizations as well. For them, keeping the younger generation involved in farming is just as important, and having healthy crops. Some may say farming is an out-dated business, but we need farms like the Boyds- not only for their crops, but for their expertise about the ground, the micro-environments and needs of their land. They have info that has been passed down from generation to generation, that no modern machinery can replace. And as our country changes, isn't it great to know that some traditions are alive and flowering?

While most of our family is no longer farming, we still have friends who do. It is great to take Miss Grace out and to let her see how the food she takes for granted is grown, how cotton comes off a plant, and everything it takes to put the meat in our freezer. I think kids need to see, and experience, true active farms, to truly appreciate how much easier their lifestyle is today, than  even their grandparents' was!

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The new America's Farmers website will introduce you to the Boyds and other farm families, who are keeping farm traditions alive. You can check out their stories on the America's Farmers website. You can also learn more about crops and farming, as well as recognition programs, for farmers you know! Americas' farmers don't just grow crops, they grow communities!  Be sure to check out their Pinterest page for some great recipes and humor! Check out the recognized farmers on the site and you will agree with me!


Be sure to check out my new #AmericasFarmers Pinterest board for some great Pork and Corn recipes too!

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