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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Book Review and ebook Giveaway: All My Restless Life To Live by Dee DeTarsio

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Ok, so you aren't into the 'super' game today and would rather head off and get lost in a book....

I'm with ya!

How about a great little chick lit romance?

All My Restless Life To Live cover


Life is a soap opera, especially for Elle Miller, who is a TV producer. (Ellen dropped the "n" in her name in hopes of finding a better ending for herself.) When her laptop crashes, she borrows her dead dad's computer and gets way more than she bargained for. 

As Elle tries to save her career with a storyline featuring a trip through Atlantis, she takes a trip to the Emmys, and finds herself in the middle of a romance between a real doctor and a hunk who just plays one on TV. Friends, family, and clues from "the other side" all help Elle figure out the difference between living the good life . . .  and living a good life.


This is a super quick, enjoyable read, that will have you laughing out loud and rapidly turning the pages, like all of Dee's books! Once again Dee brings her life experience into hysterical situations, that are just insane enough to echo real life as we know it! You will be attached to Elle, from the beginning, as she is cynical, comical and totally human. She's not perfect and doesn't try to be. In short, a heroine you can totally relate to! Life behind the TV screen is never as perfect as it seems from at home watching it, and Dee gives the reader and enjoyable look behind the magic curtain. You will be forwarding this one to all your friends- it's perfect for lifting the 'winter blahs'!

About the Author:

Dee did not teach herself to read at an early age or write stories by the time she was in kindergarten. She was still wetting the bed and playing in the can cupboard. After her standard childhood in Ohio her father was never famous and her mother never beat her (that hard!), she suspects one of her sisters is a vampire), she graduated from Ohio State University, and she vowed ‘never to be cold again’ and ended up in Tucson, Arizona, producing the news for the CBS affiliate, oddly enough called KOLD-TV (now you see where her humor is coming from) . Dee then moved to San Diego where she worked in the SeaWorld entertainment department as a Producer/Writer. (Penguins are mean!YUP!) She then became a Producer/Writer with NBC for a live, comedy/variety show (now you know where all the experience for this book came from!).  Dee has now written 6 books. She lives in southern California with her family. Check out her website for more info!

Want to win a copy of this book?
Dee has generously offered a copy to a lucky BTHM reader!

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  1. Oh, Nicole! Book bloggers like you make this world a better place! Thank you so much for taking time to read All My Restless Life to Live, and then write such a thoughtful review! I had a lot of fun with this book and I hope your readers do, too! Thank you, again!! Take care!

    1. Ah shucks Dee, you keep writing the enjoyable books, so it's not hard to love 'em! Thanks for stopping in!


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