Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Book Review- Fortunate Son by David Marlett

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge, from the Story Plant, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

March is upon us, and I think it's perfect timing for the book tour for David Marlett's book of Ireland-

fortunate son cover

Meet James Annesley, son of 18th Century Ireland. Though you may have never heard his name before, his story has already touched you in profound ways. Now, for the first time, novelist David Marlett brings that incredible story to life.

Stretching from the dirty streets of Ireland to the endless possibilities of Colonial America, from drama on the high seas with the Royal Navy to a life-and-death race across England and up the Scottish Highlands, from the prospect of a hangman’s noose to a fate decided in the halls of justice, FORTUNATE SON is a powerful, relentless epic. Here nobility, duels, love, courage, revenge, honor, and treachery among family, friends and ancient enemies abound. And at its center is the most momentous trial in Irish history – the trial of Annesley v. Anglesea from which our modern “attorney/client privilege” was forged, and our concept of a “jury of one's peers” was put to the test.


You know me- I adore historical based novels! I was very pleased with this book! You can tell that Marlett has acting experience, by the pacing and his vivid use descriptive narration and setting. The book made you yearn for the days of the mini-series, as your mind started casting the characters! One could argue that being about Ireland, and Irish history, the context urged drama and a continual ying/yang of good versus evil. And perhaps that is part of the allure- the built in drama and breath of emotion. You will find yourself racing through sections, then slowing down to enjoy others. The reader will sense the drama about to unfold at the end, but be resistive, and not wanting the book to end, having become lost in the tale. It's much like coming out of a warm pool to the bracing cool air. It is hard to believe that Marlett has written such a in depth, imaginative, reality based drama. Let's hope the movie rights do get sold- I for one would love to see it brought to the big screen, but know it could never to his prose justice! I highly recommend this for your next Spring read!

Marlett's  second novel, AMERICAN RED, another historical courtroom drama, is due to be published in late 2014.

About the Author:

David Marlett is an author, attorney, artist, and historian who grew up in a storytelling Texas family. He attended Texas Tech University where he earned multiple degrees in finance, economics and accounting. Subsequently, he earned his law degree from the University of Texas School of Law.  He is currently a PhD student focusing on New Media Story Design at The University of Texas (Dallas), where he is also a Research Fellow in the school of Arts & Technology.

He is a serial entrepreneur focused primarily on the arts. (He once owned eight bookstores across the United States.) David currently speaks and lectures at conferences and universities on transmedia, storytelling, entrepreneurship in the arts, and crowdfunding. He has been a featured contributor to MovieMaker magazine, Digital Book World, and many other publications. 

He has developed and sold a number of film scripts and has directed/ acted in many regional theatrical performances. David is also a photo artist whose work has appeared in several galleries across the United States, and can be also seen at www.MarlettPhotoArt.com. He lives outside Dallas, Texas, and has four children. Check out his website for more.

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