Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Children's Book Review and Giveaway: Jesus and Me Bible Storybook by Stephen Elkins, Illus by Claudine Gevry

Continuing our daily books for kids posts this week,
I have a biblical book for you!


Open Your Child’s Heart to the Amazing Love of Jesus 
Getting to know Jesus means more than just telling His stories. It means building a lifelong relationship with the Lord. The Jesus and Me Bible Storybook begins that relationship by revealing the amazing—and personal—love of the Savior for each of His children. 
Bestselling author Stephen Elkins retells these stories of Jesus, beginning with the earliest prophecies of His birth and continuing all the way through to His resurrection and ascension. Special “Jesus and Me” devotionals help children apply the Savior’s truths to their own lives, while sweet, simple prayers encourage them to always look to the Lord. With the Jesus and Me Bible Storybook, your child will discover . . . 
...the adventure of a life of faith!
You can view the book HERE

Jesus and Me Bible Storybook sample page 1


This book is aimed at ages 3-7, and it is perfect for early readers as well! There are 62 stories, that all begin with a bible topic, then related passages, then a related prayer, the children's story is told, and finally a short Jesus and Me thought for the day. Thus, the book is really a young child's devotional! The stories do not go over 2 pages each. First and second graders should have no problems reading the book (with help on some words), as well. As you can see from the samples above and below, the illustrations are lovely and bright, and the simpleness is sure to appeal to kids and adults alike! This is a lovely book, and one that Miss Grace loves because she can read it HERSELF! It also makes a lovely gift for a first communion or Easter present! 

Jesus and Me Bible Storybook sample page 2

About the Author:
Stephen Elkins is an author, musician, and Grammy-nominated record producer. Elkins is also the author of the bestselling 100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs; 100 Ways to Know God Loves MeLullaBible; and Clifford the Big Red Dog Audio Series.

About the Illustrator
As a young girl, Claudine always felt a strong desire to work in the visual arts and, as the daughter of a writer, she also developed a great love of books. Having received her Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the University of Quebec, she spent some time designing for television, but decided after a few years to return to her first love, illustration.Her dream is to travel around the world in a sailboat, deriving inspiration from the shapes and colors of other cultures.Check out her website for more!


I'm thrilled to be able to offer a BTHM reader their own copy of this book!

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  1. Well, I am entering for my great niece and nephew, Ihave never seen them draw a picture. I only know before meals and at bedtime, they say their prayers to Jesus and know he is wonderful

  2. My nephew reads to his 2 children all the time about Jesus, they discuss him through different things they do that it is important to not lie, etc because Jesus knows our hearts and what we are doing. We keep daily reminders by praying at our meals, going to Bible study and they are read Bible stories before bedtime so we keep it fresh in their head. They speak about Jesus often

  3. My daughter has never drawn a picture of Him, but she'll sing songs or point up and say that's where Jesus lives.

  4. My kids have always drawn Jesus with brown hair and a beard. Sometimes they have his clothes/robe colored blue
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