Thursday, February 20, 2014

Opinions? Ii Need Them PLEASE!

It's been 4 years with pretty much the same blog format, and I am feeling the need for some major Spring Cleaning!

So my question to you my dear readers, is do you like either of these formats, I'm considering.

I'm trying to go for a cleaner look, that is easier for YOU the reader, to navigate the site, and get you to
what you want to read easier.

Here are 2 designs I am considering- you can click on the weblink and see a live preview of both,

A:  In this one- the photo is a 4 part slide show that changes, from recent posts. It also has social media links on a top bar, versus being on the side bar.

blue comp template


B. This one can also have the sliding picture, or just a featured post (ie last one posted). This one allows for a small picture on the top (where our current BTHM header clip art could go) and has the social icon buttons on the top of the side bar, about where they are now.

sevin template

The other question is background color.I like both of these because they DO have color, but the POST area is white- so it is EASY to read.

They are both pretty similar- it is a format I've been considering, as I think it is more reader friendly and modern.

Let me know what you think, PLEASE!!!

Thank you!


  1. Hi Nicole,
    I really like A. better. To me It's clearer, less cluttered looking and easier to read. Looking forward to seeing the "new" you!

  2. I like B better. The sidebar has less potential for getting cluttered I think. But I like them both. Can't wait to see what you choose, but will kinda miss this one too.

  3. Hi, I just have an opinion about the newsletter emails, I find the contents table at the top make it feel a bit cluttered, I think it could be removed for clarity, thanks

    1. Thanks- that is another that has been debated and has gone 50/50- some people like to see what is included and click to what interested in, or skip out of email. others like you could forgo it...another thing that's being thought about- thanks for your thoughts!


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