Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Review: Blood Will Out by Jill Downie

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Welcome to a new series I've discovered!
This is book 3!

While investigating the apparent suicide of a hermit, Detective Inspector Ed Moretti and his partner, Liz Falla, of the Guernsey Police have to deal with what seems to be an outbreak of vampirism. Can the threat be real? Or is it something possibly provoked by Hugo Shawcross, who is writing a play about vampires for a local theatre group, and who narrowly escapes becoming the first victim?

As the investigation unfolds, links begin to emerge between the hermit’s death, the play in progress, and the tangled lives of one of the Channel Islands’ most prestigious families. With the dubious help of island witches, and the distraction of his partner’s seductive aunt, Moretti employs all his deductive skills to see where the truth lies. Is it to be found among the clues about vampirism and the living dead that present themselves? Or is it buried deep in the past among hidden motives of sex, love, and obsession? The pressure is on Moretti and Falla to uncover the real reason before the attacker strikes again.


This was the first Moretti/Falla mystery I had read and I have to admit, it was a good thing I was reading an ebook, as I kept switching over to Google search to check out things mentioned in the book (I love it when a book does that)! Do you know where Guernsey is? Living in dairy country, I knew of Guernsey cows and that they were a British breed, but not much else about where they came from. I had no idea the Guernsey Islands were located between Britain and France! So this book was educational, as well as being a pretty good mystery!

The book is a British styled police procedural, but it showcases how it is different in the outer isles and how the island culture influences the local law enforcement. The book is different, interesting, had great characters that leaped off the page, and a pretty great mystery that will leave you guessing until the suspect is revealed! I can't wait to go back an read the rest of the series, and I highly recommend it! 

About the Author:
Jill Downie is the winner of the Drummer General's Award for A Passionate Pen and the Hamilton and Region Arts Council Literary Award for Non-Fiction for Storming the Castle. The first title in the Moretti and Falla series, Daggers and Men’s Smiles, was published in 2011. The second, A Grave Waiting, followed in 2012. Jill lives in Ancaster, Ontario.

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