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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

M is for Monster Monthly Activity Box (Product Review and Giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from M is for Monster, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.

Spring is almost here, and you know what that means...
Summer is only 3 months away.

It's ok, you can scream. I'll wait.

Better? No?

It's okay, I have a solution that will provide weekly activities for your kids ALL Summer long! 


monster logo

M is for Monster is a subscription based craft and science activity box that comes to your door each month with weekly activities and everything needed for them! 

M is for Monster was designed by a stay at home mom, Mandy Richardson, with too much to do. She spent many hours per week planning and shopping for things to do with her kids that week. She wanted to make other stay at home mom and dads jobs easier as well as working moms and dads who wanted to help their children grow. A spark of an idea soon became a booming business (we love success stories here at BTHM!).

Moms (like me!) love this monthly activity kit because:
  • It saves them time – each month they get a new delivery straight to their door (no more running out to the store for supplies), and each month is different with four weekly themes and 2-3 projects per week.
  • It saves them money – the M is for Monster activity kits are much more affordable than buying supplies for 12 different activities every month.
  • It makes learning fun  each kit comes with 12 activities and the activities are designed to teach kids things like numbers and letters, in addition to entertaining them. You can choose the box based on your child's age, so you have age appropriate learning!
Take a look at Miss Grace when she opened the March M is for Monster box:

monster box activities collage

Yup- it's Irish/Shamrock based, so she was extremely happy! Course she had to remove everything from the box, and check it ALL out, before letting me read the activity page! Being older, she quickly decided what SHE wanted to do with all the contents, LOL. But as this was a review box, I told her we had to do most of the activities, and after some initial grumbling, she went along!

Obviously she is a tad outside the targeted age frame for the box, but crafting is crafting, and basic science is always fascinating to her, so I knew we would be able to follow along with the activity sheet most of the way. The only thing you need to add is a pair of scissors! 

january monster box contents

As we got the box on week 2, we started with Week 1 activities and moved into Week 2. First was making a weather station to show the weather for the day (not pictured). Then we had the uber-exciting, make a tornado in a jar! All we had to do was supply the water. Fascinating? Indeed, Miss Grace deemed it school worthy and she had to take it to school to show her compadres, how SHE made a tornado in a bottle! The pictures may be hard to tell, but bottom left above was before, bottom right was the 'tornado'. It's pretty cool- you really DO get a mini water funnel!

Then onto Week 2- she made a green and white paper link chain. Which coincides with her teaching making a rainbow one the day before at school, she was all about making her OWN chain! We did substitute staples instead of glue for this craft, as she wanted to hang it right away and the glue had no time to set! I loved that they include color changing glue (purple to clear), so you know when it's dry- important with young kids who can be over anxious! We then went on to making a clover wreath for the door. As you can see, she adored that activity!

Week three activities involve counting and a clover game. As these are pre-k level, we're obviously passed them, so we're going to make up an adding game with them later for her to work on double digit adding and subtracting. Week four had you making your own book, so she decided to start on that. The cover (top left above) is a 'paint' horse, and she has deemed that she will make it ALL on her own, with no help from Mom (all I did on any of the activities was to read the activity sheet to her, but you know drama queens...LOL). So we shall see how it ends up later this month! The other activity is to work on your writing, and she is including that into her book as well! The box also came with a easy reader 3 chapter book, that was PERFECT for Miss Grace's reading level! It is a very cute story about a monkey and an elephant that are friends, and would be great for reading out loud to younger children!

We were VERY impressed with the quantity and quality of items in the box- the glue stick was normal sized, the strips of paper were heavy construction type paper, the velcro was sturdy, the cut outs were on heavy weight paper, etc. If you home school these boxes would be well worth the money, as you can tie in many varied structured activities and lessons with them! And as you can see, the box works on many levels- reading, math, color recognition, hand/eye co-ordination, among others!

You can view recent boxes at www.misformonster.com (you can see January's box above). Each monthly box retails for $39.95 and includes everything moms and kids need for each project – glue, pencils, paint, crayons, etc. If you subscribe for the year, the boxes are only $34.95 each month. If you have 2 children, you can order a second box at over $10 of saving (and you can order a toddle and a preschooler box!)! The boxes are mailed out on the 20th of the month, so you have them to start on the first of every month (only available to US addresses at this time). Be sure to check out their blog for some great holiday ideas! 

I love this idea and the boxes are superb- kudos to Mandy for her great idea!

If you are looking for an unique birthday, Easter, or even Christmas, idea for a child you love, 
think M is for Monster!


          Thanks for reading this post and entering the giveaway!


  1. My daughter is a bit artistic. She also has the gift of gab.

  2. My grandson likes to put together model cars,

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) (com)

  3. Our daughter is a great writer.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  4. My sons are great dancers and story tellers!

  5. My son is great at sports.

  6. My son loves to build things and do puzzles!

  7. Both of my daughters are musical. They can hear a tune and attempt to play it on the keyboard.


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