Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Product are a MUST For Spring Cleaning!

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Ah Spring is in the Air, and you know what that means...

Spring cleaning is here....


Not thrilled?

How about some great products that will make your house smell like a field of flowers on a warm
Sring day?

mrs meyers clean day products

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day believes in a better way to get a good clean. Chock full of plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, their household cleaning products are powerful against dirt and grime. Yet, their garden-fresh scents will uplift your mood while adding a little bounce to your step, while you're cleaning away this Spring!

As a Mother, you want to know that the products you are using around your infants and young children, are safe and not toxic. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day ingredients are biodegradable, are not made from any animal products, BPA free, free of ammonia, phthlates, chlorine, parabens and phosphates! You can feel confident knowing that Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products are both gentle on your home and on the earth. Plus they come in some yummy scents, like Lavender, Lemn Verbena, Basil Geranium, Honeysuckle, Rosemary, Bluebell, Radish, Parsley, Watermelon, Apple, Rhubarb and Baby Blossom! There's sure to be 3/4 scents you fall in love with. 

We were sent a bottle of the Lavender Counter Cleaning Spray to try out. 

mrs meyers clean day lavender counter spray

We LOVE the smell of lavender in the house, and using this on our kitchen counters made the kitchen smell like France during the lavender harvest season! Not to mentioned HOW well it cleaned. In fact it cleaned so well, that I started rethinking Spring cleaning!

We had to clean up the patio from the Winter blahs for an upcoming party, so it seemed like a great time to take the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Counter Top Spray outside and see what it could do!

First I tackled the picnic bench. Dad really put some coats of Poly on it, but dirt still attracts like magnets, and we've had some pretty bad storms this past month. Check out how well it did:

mrs meyers clean day lavender counter spray outside test 1

That was ONE swipe of the cloth, with one spray of the cleaner. Can you imagine?

Oh but there's more!

mrs meyers clean day lavender counter spray outside test 2

How about the arm of a wooden rocking chair? EEEK is the right answer. And what is worse, when I did a second wipe down with a 2nd clean cloth, it almost came back to spotless white (and no those were 2 different cloths in both pix- we have a stack of 'em)! That didn't happen with the traditional cleaner I've used before- it required some power washing after the initial clean! Not with Mrs. Meyer's- it has the strength to get the job DONE!

In fact, results of third-party testing show that Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products often outperform other natural brands,  and are on par with, and often superior to, national brands! I've a firm believer now that they can and do clean better! .

 We all have to clean—let’s make the very best of it! With over 19 products available, including dish soap, hand soap, glass cleaner and dryer sheets, your house can easily become a Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day House! 

Visit the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Website for more product information

Be sure to "Like" Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® on Facebook for helpful tips, inspiration, giveaways and more!

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And speaking of giveaways, be sure to Enter the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day® Get Messy Contest for a chance to win various prize packs, from March 10- May 9th! You just enter your messiest pix, get votes and win! March 10-28 is the Arts & Crafts portion, where you can win a custom-designed creativity center, fully stocked with arts & crafts supplies!  March 31st to April 18th is Kitchen (win Viking appliances!). April 21st- May 9th is Outdoors (enter to win a greenhouse and everything for a veggie garden!). 30 finalists will all win a Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day bucket of goodies! 

Here's a great hands on kids activity from Mrs. Meyer's, to get you started!

mrs meyers clean day bubble wrap paint activity

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