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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Recipe Weekend-The Auntie Em's Cookbook by Theresa Wahl

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No, you didn't read it wrong!

I just HAD to share this new cookbook with you, due to the excellent St Patty's Day recipe!

So consider it a 'lucky' bonus!

The Auntie Em's Cookbook cover

Theresa Wahl, chef-owner of L.A. retro-hip hotspot Auntie Em's Kitchen, showcases her simple and beloved recipes for breakfast, brunch, and dessert in a cookbook that celebrates seasonal and local flavors. Drawing inspiration from her past as a punk guitarist, Wahl pairs her recipes with a playlist, sharing her belief that food tastes better when there's music in the kitchen. Rich with photography by David Kiang, The Auntie Em's Cookbook takes American comfort food into the modern era with a relaxed style and a commitment to deep flavor.


If you are looking for comfort food with a bit of a twist, this is the book for you! All of the recipes have wholesome, seasonal ingredients and if you can get through the book WITHOUT drooling or craving some of the dishes, my hat is off to you- I couldn't! The pictures truly showcase the wonderous recipes that are very nice modern updates of the food that your mom made! Seriously- meatloaf for breakfast? On Auntie Em's menu it is! And her recipe for said meatloaf- shhh it's WAY better than Mom's! Check out the recipe for an updated bread pudding that is PERFECT for Easter morning brunch:

bacon bread pudding from Auntie Em's

Got your taste buds a hoppin, didn't it? The food in this book for the most part is made with ingredients you can find at your local farmer's market. There is no reason not to have FRESH, wonderful recipes if you have this cookbook! I literally realized about halfway through that I had bookmarked 3/4 of the recipes I had looked at! That's pretty amazing for me! Many of the recipes can easily be converted to Gluten-Free as well, making the book great for those on speciality diets.

A cool bonus is that Theresa gives you a song that is applicable to each recipe was well! She is at heart a rocker! But it would be great to pool a whole dinner menu from the book, and have the proverbial mix-tape (I'd say mix-cd, but it just doesn't have the same ring does it?) from the songs listed, as background music! This really is a super book to give to a friend/family member that is foodie, or as a wonderful housewarming gift! I can't recommend it enough!

 I promised you a great St Patrick's Day recipe, and here it is: Theresa's excellent 
Matcha Powder Green Tea Cake!

green matcha cake from Auntie Em's

Now head on out and get your ingredients ready, so your family can have that lovely cake for Monday!

About the Author:

Theresa Wahl is the chef and owner of Auntie Em's Kitchen, a café and catering business in L.A.'s Eagle Rock neighborhood. In the 1990s, she was a singer and guitarist for the Red Aunts, an all-female punk band that toured the United States and Europe for a decade. Her travels inspired a love of hearty American home cooking, and when she retired from performing, she started catering gigs for bands and their crews. This led to the 2002 opening of her café, where she quickly developed a following for her comfort food and baked goods with a punk-rock edge. Wahl lives in Los Angeles, California, with two dogs and several chickens.

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