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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Children's Book Review: Dixie Wants an Allergy by Tori Corn, Illus. by Nancy Cote

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Welcome to our stop in the Dixie Wants an Allergy Tour!

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It’s Dixie’s first day of school, and some of her classmates are sharing details about their various allergies. Bridget tells of her wheat allergy and how she gets to order a special meal from restaurants. Dixie thinks that must be a really special meal! And Charlie had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance once due to his dairy allergy. Dixie thinks that must have been thrilling! Even Hannah gets to wear a fashionable bracelet due to her peanut allergy. Dixie races home and begins to eagerly search for the slightest sign of an allergy. After many failed attempts, Dixie discovers that she is allergic to something after all. But is getting what you wish for actually as exciting as it once appeared?


If your child has kids with special neds/allergies in their class/group/club, they may feel that the other child is getting special/preferential treatment. But having allergies and special needs isn't always what it seems, as Dixie soon learns in this adorable book! The humor will have kids laughing, like when Dixie marks herself with a marker to fake a reaction of hives!
As you can see the book has adorable illustrations, that really fit the strory. Kids will love going on Dixie's adventures! Kids with allergies/special needs may find that this is a book they can relate to ("look she has my allergy too"), and kids that are confused about allergies will understand them much better after reading this book. The book is aimed at kids ages 3-6, but it is also an easy reader for 1st/2nd graders, who may not have experience with allergies and like the story! Younger children will enjoy having it read to them! We highly recommend it! It would make a cute addition to an Easter basket!

About the Author:
Tori Corn, a former textile designer, spent many years designing fabrics and home furnishing products. She is very pleased that she switched careers and decided to become a writer and illustrator. Her first book, What Will It Be Penelope?, was published in May 2013. She and her family live in New York City.For more info check out her WebsiteTwitter  and Facebook pages

About the Illustrator:
Nancy Cote, a national award–winning children’s book author/illustrator,
has illustrated over thirty picture books and written five of her own. Her stories, illustrations, paintings, murals, and poems have been featured in many magazines, exhibits, and collections throughout the country. Nancy has no known allergies except for poison ivy, which doesn’t stop her from hiking and exploring whenever she isn’t working. She resides in Somerset, Massachusetts.

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