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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Children's Book Review: Minnie & Moo: Hooves of Fire by Denys Cazet

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge, from Creston Books, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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And now for another children's book today, also taking place on a farm, when the farmer and his wife are away, but perfect for older kids to read!

Minnie & Moo: Hooves of Fire  cover

It's a perfect day for the First Annual Hoot, Holler, and Moo Talent Festival. The sun is shining in a warm autumn sky and the stage is set. Mr. and Mrs. Farmer are away on vacation, Minnie and Moo are dressed in their togas, Elvis has his bagpipe, the hyenas their jokes, the fox his magic tricks, the sheep a protest poem, and the cash box is stuffed with money from ticket sales. A perfect day. Wait a minute . . . Where is the cash box? Why are those coyotes on motorcycles? And who pushed those Porta Potties down the hill?

When my best friend, Moo, came up with the idea for a talent festival on our farm, I considered it one of the worst ideas I'd ever heard in my life.

And I mean ever, even from Moo.

She called it The First Annual Hoot, Holler, Cluck, Howl, Roar, Honk, Chirp, Bark, Meow, Whinny, Neigh, Bray, Oink, Grunt, Quack Minnie and Moo Poetry, Song, and Dance Red Tractor Farm Talent Festival of the Ages.

She asked my opinion.
I told her.

But I didn't say anything in a mean way.

You know how it is when your best friend does or says something you think is silly and then they ask you what you think. Because you love them so much, you can't say, “Are you nuts? That idea is dumber than licking an electric light socket!” No, you can't say it that way. You have to say you don't like it or you don't agree in a way that won't make them mad or (in Moo's case) hurt her feelings. After all, that's what good friends do.

 So what I said was, “Moo, the title is too long.”

And that was that.

 Minnie & Moo: Hooves of Fire sample page


The 18th book in the Minnie & Moo series (for beginning and middle readers) , this chapter book is aimed at kids ages  6 - 11 years, in grades Kindergarten - 6th. At just under 200 pages, it is definitely a step up to chapter books for early readers. I would say it really more of a 2nd grade level, due to the length of the book. But it is really funny and a great book to read out loud for younger readers, as well. It would be great ffor Summer reading, as it has 20 chapters, so you could easily read 2-3 chapters every week, and make sure your child keeps up on their reading over the Summer. The story is engaging and perfectly suitable for girls and boys alike! The illustrations are welcomed for young readers, and help bring extra humor to the story! Miss Grace was enchanted and we'll be picking up more books in the series for her!

About the Author/ Illustrator:

Denys Cazet is the author and illustrator of more than 50 picture books for children, including Never Spit On Your Shoes, winner of the California Young Reader Medal. An elementary school teacher for 25 years, he lives in the foothills of the Napa Valley.

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