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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dust-Off Products Can Elevate YOUR Spring Cleaning and Make GREAT Gifts this Mother's Day!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge, from Dust Off,via R & J PR , for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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How many types of electronic devices does your Mom have?

Many moms nowadays have cell phones, tablets, laptops and a home computer, 
to mention just a few don't they?

How often do all those devices get cleaned though?

I have the perfect solution, for a gift that keeps on giving, from a company you trust!

dust off logo

Meet the Dust off Ultimate Screen Care Kit:

Dust off Ultimate Screen Care Kit

This all in one case kit cleans all your high-tech screens and media! The kit contains a small canister of Screen Spray, a Screen Shammy for use on various devices, a Plasma Screen Cloth, a CD/DVD Cloth for media disks, and a Sweep mobile cleaning pad (that's the cute little iron looking device in the picture!). As you can see, the kit is very small and is perfect for keeping in your desk drawer! The box gives you a great guide to what cloth to use for which device or monitor.

Look at the before and after when I cleaned my computer monitor at home(I couldn't get a good shot of the dust due to glare from overhead light on the monitor screen, so I am sowing you the same amount of dust on the monitor base in the before photo):

Dust off Ultimate Screen Care Kit before n after

Yes, it REALLY did remove THAT much dirt and dust! EEEK!!!

After I finished that one, I hit the rest of the screens in the house- you seriously do NOT want to see what the living room TV screen looked like! AND I had dusted it not even 2 weeks ago! I LOVE this spray cleaner and the different cloths! 

The media cloth is perfect for cleaning DVDs and CDs and restoring better quality to your picture/sounds from them! And the device cloth? WOWSA! Again, I had cleaned my phone with a cleaning wipe the week before, yet the Dust Off cloth made the screen look BRAND new! A friend tried it on his phone and discovered he had scratched his screen- he had had no idea, and thought his screen was clean!
dust off duster air spray

I was also sent a can of Dust Off Duster Air Spray to use for my Media Spring Cleaning. You may be familiar with it called 'canned air', and from the IT techs at your job who use it to clean out computers keyboards, fans and hard drive chasis'.Provides potent dust-removing power for practically any task. But did you know it has plenty of other household cleaning uses too? 

100 duster applications logo
You can use it to blow off dust from mini-blinds, drapes and lamp shades. And use it to remove dust from hard-to-reach areas like overlooked corners on book shelves, small cracks, holes or grooves in decorative items and decorations- without having to move delicate items! How about cleaning your delicate silk flowers and plants? It can also be used to remove dirt and debris from bracelets, pendants or rings, making jewelry sparkle and shine like new! Did you know those? Dust Off has a list of 100 such uses-check it out!

And the Duster is safe around kids, as it is 100% ozone safe and contains a bitterant to help discourage inhalant abuse. 

They also have cleaning wipes that you can carry in your tablet cases and laptop bags! So if you're looking for something great for Mom (or Dad- father's day is coming up), not to mention doing some of your own Spring cleaning,check out the great new products from Dust Off!

Dust Off has monthly giveaways on their Facebook page,and you can sign up for their newsletter for more savings and special discounts on their products! This month's giveaway is a tablet cleaning kit!

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