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Thursday, April 17, 2014

History Corner / Book Review: The Orpheus Descent by Tom Harper

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And now for a trip down Ancient History lane...

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A cerebral literary thriller in the vein of Dan Brown, Matthew Pearl, and Sam Bourne, The Orpheus Descentfollows classical philosopher Plato on a mysterious journey to Italy that will ignite a conspiracy that burns into the present

The greatest thinker in human history, Plato, travels to Italy seeking initiation into the Orphic mysteries: the secret to the Underworld known only to the gods. But the knowledge he discovers is terrifying. Two millennia later, twelve ancient golden tablets secreted in museums around the world hold sacred information known to only a few-the pathway the dead must follow to the afterlife. And archaeologist Lily Barnes has just found another on a dig in southern Italy. But this tablet is far more valuable-and dangerous-than the rest. It holds the key to hell itself.

 Now, Lily is gone and her husband, Jonah, is desperate to find her. He knows she is alive-and in mortal danger-and he's willing to go to hell itself to find her. But the deeper he descends on this dark and twisting journey, the more Jonah's fear rises, for not everyone who travels where Lily has gone will find their way back.

This is the first of Tom's books that I have read, and I loved, loved, loved it! I would call it more cerebral than a Dan Brown mystery, because if you know Greek history and mythology, like form the Illiad and from Homer, then the book is an even better read! I loved the back and forth in time, with the modern mystery, and the history of how the tablets ended up where they did. I tried to read it in one sitting, but there is just SO much going on and to think about, that I just couldn't do it! I felt like I was back in ancient times during the ancient sections! The author really makes your yearn for a happy ending for all the characters. I loved the analogy of a modern rock n roller to the ancient philosophers, and Jonah's dedication to find his wife, really takes him above a 'typecast' character!

This a wonderful book for any historical mystery lover!

Be sure to check out the research trip photos Tom put up on his Facbeook page!
They really bring the book to life!

About the Author:

Tom Harper has written eleven historical thrillers—including Lost Temple, Secrets of the Dead,  and The Orpheus Descent—which have been translated into twenty languages. He lives in York, England, with his wife and two sons. Check out his website, Twitter and Facebook pages,  for more info on his books

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