Monday, April 7, 2014

Music Monday: The Gettys Live!

getty concert banenr

You may remember about 2 weeks ago, I had an interview with Keith Getty, of the Christian husband and wife performers, the Gettys, that I shared with you.

We were lucky enough to be able to catch The Gettys in concert this past weekend, at the second stop on their 2014 concert tour. It was a surprise for Miss Grace, as they are one of her favorite groups, and the one she has to listen to at night before she goes to sleep!

The concert took place at First Baptist Church in Covington, on NOLA's Northshore. The church is amazing and was the perfect setting for this concert!

getting ready for concert

I had to laugh after we arrived as it hit me that my Dad took me to my first 'real' concert (Le Roux in case you were wondering- ok, so I have SERIOUSLY dated myself, LOL), and now he was taking Miss Grace to hers (sorry I don't count VeggieTales and the Wiggles as a true 'music concert', as they are aimed strictly at KIDS). In fact, my only surprise was how few kids there WERE at the concert, but being Sunday night, I'm sure that was the reason. But I knew it would be an experience she would not forget, so we worked around it.As you can tell, she was very eager and happy! 

keith getty

We had excellent seats, right by Keith! As you can see the church's choir sang back up for them, and the picture below only shows about a third of them! It was amazing! As you can see the lighting and 'stage' already there was perfect for the show!

keith and kristyn getty 1

The church has 2 very large screens set up and I loved how the song lyrics were shown on them. This allowed the crowd to follow along (especially on the new 95% song, that we all thought was ready to be recorded), and there were numerous sing alongs. When Keith and I talked he shared how they write songs the entire congregation can sing and I had to smile when I had my 7 year old singing next to me, teenagers in front of me singing, and a 78 year old behind me singing. No one has any problems with the melody or lyrics, they were pure and simple and hearing them sung with such a large crowd really was just about transcendent! (Side note- we ally really recommend their latest Live at the Gospel Coalition CD- you get much the same experience as the concert, that I mean here). 

keith and kristyn getty 2

The musicians that the Gettys have with them play many different instruments (violin, bass, drums, guitar, Irish flute and bagpipes), and they are all EXTREMELY talented. This is NOT a 'run of the mill' gospel show. The Gettys allow them all to be showcased in different ways, and for the crowd to be impressed with how skilled they all are. Keith's introduction are quiet funny as well!

the getty band

Fionan de Barra is just flat out amazing on guitar. You may remember him from the original Riverdance! Yes, we are talking some VERY accomplished musicians here. Fellow guitarist Zach White has played for many of bluegrass' finest groups as well.  Deborah Klemme on fiddle, is a joy, as is the other female fiddle player (whose name I can't remember). She's also a pretty good Irish dancers!  Jeff Taylor plays a varied group of instruments: accordion (!!), bazouki (mandolin), penny whistle AND concertina! Patrick D’Arcy plays Uillean pipes (Irish bagpipes) extremely well, along with other instruments. They also have a great bass player and drummer(whose names I also forgot, so sorry, I was so entranced I should have written them down, LOL). 
Kudos to the Gettys for amassing an amazing group of flat out brilliant musicians,! 

keith and kristyn getty and miss grace

Being on the 2nd row, Miss Grace had a great opportunity to step out and be in the aisle right in front of the Gettys. I think she got a bit entranced every time Keith was talking (Irish accents have a habit of doing that to her!). Unfortunately she only Irish danced a couple of time as she suddenly got 'shy'. Hysterically, if their music is on at home and she's not in bed, that's all she DOES when their music is on. Ah, the whims of a 7 year old. LOL

the getty band jam session

Part of the highlight was the after jam session, with musicians from the church! They spent about a half hour jamming away together! What great memories for everyone!

Miss Grace's highlight was meeting Keith and giving him a Louisiana cookbook (to help Louisiana keep that 'Best Food' title!) and a gift for Eliza Joy! She really does love giving almost better than receiving! But she was thrilled that he signed her FAVORITE CD too! Keith graciously comes out after the concert to sign CDs, songbooks, etc.He was just as gracious and kind in person, as he was on the phone. 

keith getty and miss grace
I love this picture of  Miss Grace and Keith! Course I also groaned, as I saw my child at 16 meeting other singers and getting the same pix taken. Sigh- isn't it funny what a lens can capture? But I love that her 'concert' experience started off on such a high standard, with such amazingly talented musicians.

I urge you to check out the tour page and see if the Gettys are coming to your area. Take the family- it is not a concert to be missed! Check out this preview video and you'll see what we mean!

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