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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Product Review- Coastal Kids Toothpaste is YOUR Solution to Reluctant Tooth Brushing!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this products, free of charge, from Coral LLC, via On The Horizon Communications, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

tooth cavity

Did you know that according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease?

if you think about it for a few minutes, that just might make sense to you. My generation just about died if we had a cavity. Now, kids young as 5 having 6/7 cavities is the norm. One has to wonder at the difference.

If you look down the oral care aisle you will see a devoted section to kids. I can remember when there was only 3 kids toothpastes! Now there are coordinating lines with toothbrushes, mouth rinses and the toothpaste. But no matter how enticing that can be, the age old dilemna of getting kids into the bathroom to brush, without kicking and screaming, still exits! And once they're there, getting them to brush for a full TWO minutes can seem like trying to rope a bull in a bathtub!

We've gone down this road and more with Miss Grace- no matter how healthy we kept her diet, in the end we found out the a gluten sensitivty that was never caught may have been the beginning of some oral issues for her. Once she got started on the remineralizing diet, one of the major things we had to change was getting her OFF fluoride toothpaste. You'd think with all the controversy, there would be many brands stepping in to offer solutions. Nope. Even a brand that says it is flouride free can contain other ingredients, almost as harmful. And if you do find a toothpaste that is supposed to be kid-friendly, it probably is NOT a flavor they want to taste! SIGH.

coral llc kids toothpaste

Coral Kids’ Toothpaste  makes dental care fun for even the most wary brushing beginners, thanks to a delicious berry bubblegum flavor, free of the preservatives, chemical “sparkles” and other harmful additives;found in most children’s toothpastes. No glycerin, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no synthetic flavors or colors, and it's gluten free! 

It's fluoride-free formula is made with Coral's EcoSafe ionic calcium from above-sea coral, which not only helps prevent cavities, keep gums healthy, build tooth enamel and freshen breath, but also shifts the mouth’s pH to alkaline to neutralize bacterial acids, thus decreasing decay. It has the same consistency of standard toothpaste, and with it's great flavor (thanks to Xylitol), kids don't actually realize it's good for them (unless you tell them!). And even the eye catching colorful package grabs their attention! "A Shark! COOL!" is what you'll be hearing!

Now that's something every parent can love! And Miss Grace DOES love it! She has declared it the hand-down, double thumbs up, winner in our toothpaste search! Any healthy toothpaste that can MAKE her want to brush, is number one on our shopping list! 

coral llc logo

Coral LLC is the largest importer/supplier of Caribbean “above sea” coral in the United States and the world. Coral LLC was the first coral supplement provider to pulverize the coral into an ultra fine powder and offer it in a capsule or as a powder supplement. But what is "above sea" coral you ask? 

Hundreds of years ago, the “above sea” coral was a thriving reef. It was geologically pushed up above sea level, free from ocean pollution caused by the industrial revolution and current day pollutants. Coral LLC collects pristine white fossilized coral heads from these same reefs, which are protected beneath a layer of soil. After the coral rocks are collected, they are taken to a cGMP-certified grinding facility where they undergo a three-stage grinding and sterilization process of purification.

The above sea coral that Coral LLC uses to produce coral mineral supplements does not contain any pollutants, such as high amounts of heavy metals, chemicals, fertilizers, etc., found in the present day contaminated oceans. Below sea coral, sometimes referred to as marine grade coral, is problematic-it can contain shell remnants and seafloor debris among other things. Plus its harvesting process is actually harmful to young marine life, as it vacuums up the coral and any young marine life using it to help shield them from predators. Plus it can damage the delicate reef ecosystem below the water, by taking away these places of safety, upsetting the sea-life balance.

They take their commitment to high quality coral calcium products seriously by providing customers with a line of supplements that simply can’t be found with other companies. They offer FREE shipping on orders over $39 AND if you’re not completely satisfied with one of their products, you can contact them within 30 days, and they'll l refund your money instantly. HOW many companies can you say that about anymore?

Coral wants you to get to know their company! 
Right now, you can get a FREE sample of Coral toothpaste, or one of three of their other products (you can even request ALL three samples!) , right now on their website! It's easy and quick to sign up for one!

Tips for getting kids to brush:
(because even a great tasting toothpaste can't solve all the issues!)

1. Pick the perfect toothbrush-Take your little one shopping to select a special toothbrush. Favorite animated characters, spinning heads and flashing lights are just some of the enticing possibilities that may pique their interest. Letting them choose will boost their “big kid” confidence and make them more vested in brushing.

2. Offer toothpaste that tastes like a treat- Appeal to small senses with a healthy toothpaste that tastes extra special, like Coral Kids’ in Xylitol-sweetened, safe-to-swallow berry bubblegum. But beware bells and whistles created with harmful chemicals, such as artificial colors and sweeteners, which may entice but can also lead to serious health concerns.

3. Bring fun into the bathroom- Brushing should be taken seriously, but it doesn’t have to be serious. Encourage kids to make big, circular brush strokes like train wheels; create as many “mouth bubbles” as they can; or pretend they need to clean their “big dinosaur teeth.” When brushing is playful, there’s less pressure.

4. Find a kid-friendly dentist- Make first trips to the dentist fun by choosing a provider who caters to children with music, puppets, toys and more. If the experience is positive, they’ll be more prone to want to impress the dentist (and possibly get a special treat) with their good at-home brushing habits.

5. Set a good example- Show your kids that brushing is an easy, everyday routine by modeling frequent and scheduled brushings, such as right after breakfast, before bed or following a sweet treat. It can even be a family affair! When little ones see brushing as a simple daily habit instead of a chore, there will be less protest.

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